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DIN EN ISO 9806:2018-04

DIN EN ISO 9806:2018-04

Solar energy - Solar thermal collectors - Test methods (ISO 9806:2017); German version EN ISO 9806:2017

Énergie solaire - Capteurs thermiques solaires - Méthodes d'essai (ISO 9806:2017); Version allemande EN ISO 9806:2017

Solarenergie - Thermische Sonnenkollektoren - Prüfverfahren (ISO 9806:2017); Deutsche Fassung EN ISO 9806:2017

2018-04 /Active
Equivalencias internacionales:

EN ISO 9806 (2017-11)

ISO 9806 (2017-09)

Relación con otras normas DIN:
This document specifies test methods for assessing the durability, reliability, safety and thermal performance of fluid heating solar collectors. The test methods are applicable for laboratory testing and for in situ testing. This document is applicable to all types of fluid heating solar collectors, air heating solar collectors, hybrid solar collectors co-generating heat and electric power, as well as to solar collectors using external power sources for normal operation and/or safety purposes. It does not cover electrical safety aspects or other specific properties directly related to electric power generation. This document is not applicable to those devices in which a thermal storage unit is an integral part to such an extent that the collection process cannot be separated from the storage process for making the collector thermal performance measurements.
Absorbers, Ageing (materials), Air heating systems, Air speed, Air-conditioning systems, Ambient temperature, Angles of slope, Bending strength, Climate, Collectors, Components, Concentrators, Corrosion protection, Corrosion resistance, Covers, Definitions, Dimensions, Durability, Effects, Efficiency, Energy, Equilibrium, Frost, Frost resistance, Global radiation, Handlings, Head losses, Heat, Heat accumulators, Heat capacity, Heat exchangers, Heat transfer media, Heating installations, Heating technics, Hydraulic pressure test, Impact strength, Incidence angles, Intrinsic safety, Irradiance, Liquid, Liquids, Marking, Measurement, Measuring techniques, Mechanical properties, Metrology, Mounting instructions, Phototherapy, Plant, Pressure tests, Properties, Radiation, Rainfall, Reliability, Reliability testing, Safety engineering, Safety requirements, Safety tests, Solar collectors, Solar heating, Solar heating plants, Solar power, Solar radiation, Solar-powered devices, Specification (approval), Surface spread of flame, Temperature, Temperature stability, Testing, Testing conditions, Thermal, Thermal efficiency, Thermal environment systems, Thermal shock endurance, Thermics, Tolerances (measurement), Ultraviolet radiation, Water circulation, Water heaters, Watertightness, Winds
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