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DIN EN ISO 10848-1:2018-02

DIN EN ISO 10848-1:2018-02

Acoustics - Laboratory and field measurement of flanking transmission for airborne, impact and building service equipment sound between adjoining rooms - Part 1: Frame document (ISO 10848-1:2017); German version EN ISO 10848-1:2017

Acoustique - Mesurage en laboratoire et in situ des transmissions latérales des bruits aériens, des bruits de choc et des bruits d'équipements entre des pièces voisines - Partie 1: Document cadre (ISO 10848-1:2017); Version allemande EN ISO 10848-1:2017

Akustik - Messung der Flankenübertragung von Luftschall, Trittschall und Schall von gebäudetechnischen Anlagen zwischen benachbarten Räumen im Prüfstand und am Bau - Teil 1: Rahmendokument (ISO 10848-1:2017); Deutsche Fassung EN ISO 10848-1:2017

2018-02 /Active
Equivalencias internacionales:

EN ISO 10848-1 (2017-10)

ISO 10848-1 (2017-09)

Relación con otras normas DIN:
The ISO 10848- series specifies measurement methods to characterize the flanking transmission of one or several building components. These measurements are performed in a laboratory test facility or in the field. This part of ISO 10848 contains definitions, general requirements for test elements and test rooms, and measurement methods. Guidelines are given for the selection of the quantity to be measured, depending on the junction and the types of building elements involved. Other parts of ISO 10848 specify the application for different types of junction and building elements. The quantities characterizing the flanking transmission can be used to compare different products, or to express a requirement, or as input data for prediction methods, such as ISO 12354-1 and ISO 12354-2.
Acoustic engineering, Acoustic measurement, Acoustic properties and phenomena, Acoustic testing, Acoustic testing rooms, Acoustics, Air terminal devices, Airborne noise, Airborne sound insulation, Building acoustics, Building services, Buildings, Ceilings, Closed test rooms, Components, Construction, Dampers, Definitions, Determination, Doors, Flanking transmission, Floors, Glazing, Impact sound, Impact sound insulation, Laboratories, Materials testing, Measurement, Measurement of airborne noise, Measuring equipment, Measuring techniques, Noise, Noise measurement, Reverberation room method, Reverberation rooms, Sound deadening, Sound insulation, Sound intensity, Sound level, Sound power, Sound transmission, Specification (approval), Structural members, Structural systems, Test furnaces, Testing, Utility equipment, Walls, Windows
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