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DIN SPEC 19426-2:2017-09

DIN SPEC 19426-2:2017-09

Auto-ID-systems for the digital identification and classification of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) - Part 2: Guideline for the selection of the required equipment for the registration and identification of PPE

Systèmes d'identification automatique pour l'identification numérique et la classification des équipements de protection individuelle (EPI) - Partie 2: Lignes directrices pour la sélection de l'équipement requis pour la collecte et l'identification des EPI

Auto-ID-Systeme zur digitalen Kennzeichnung und Klassifizierung von Persönlicher Schutzausrüstung (PSA) - Teil 2: Leitfaden für die Auswahl der erforderlichen Geräte zur Erfassung und Identifizierung der PSA

2017-09 /Active
Relación con otras normas DIN:
The use of systems to auto-identification (auto-ID), in particular the Radio Frequency (RFID) technology, of personal protective equipment (PPE) is useful for the enhancement of health and safety. Great potential lies in applications that make it possible to detect objects of PSA automatically to uniquely identify and document this. To use these possibilities across industries and support widespread, it is necessary to have access to a uniform system for the digital-to-one identification and unambiguous classification of PPE. Using the grouping and the characteristics of PPE being based on the requirements in European PPE standards, a concept for a higher-level identification and classification system for PPE has been developed taking into account existing standards for the identification and classification. The labeling system for the identification is based on ISO standards, the classification system on the classification of PPE in recognized technical standards and rules. The number structure for the identification and the number structure for classifying the PSA have been implemented in a binary coding, which forms the basis for automatic identification. It is thus possible to give a single PPE one-one, machine-readable marking for identification. By means of the additional classification number can be uniquely identified in addition the nature of the PPE and possibly their properties and further information. This series of standards consists of 2 parts: - Part 1 defines the structure of the digital number structure for the identification and classification of PPE; - Part 2 is a guide on the use of the necessary equipment for the collection and identification of PPE. This part will be published as DIN SPEC..
Automatic identifications, Bar code, Classification, Data acquisition, Definitions, Digital, Example for application, Field of application, Identification, Identification system, Identifications systems, Identifiers, Information technology, Marking, Occupational safety, Protective clothing, Protective equipment, Radio frequency identifications, Registration, RFID, Selection, Specification (approval), Testing, Testing requirements
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