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DIN EN 17082:2017-06

DIN EN 17082:2017-06

Domestic and non-domestic gas-fired forced convection air heaters for space heating not exceeding a net heat input of 300 kW; German and English version prEN 17082:2017, only on CD-Rom / Note: Date of issue 2017-05-26*CD-ROM

/ Attention: Date de parution 2017-05-26*CD-ROM

Häusliche und nicht-häusliche gasbefeuerte Warmlufterzeuger mit erzwungener Konvektion zur Raumbeheizung, deren Nennwärmebelastung 300 kW nicht übersteigt; Deutsche und Englische Fassung prEN 17082:2017, nur auf CD-Rom / Achtung: Erscheinungsdatum 2017-05-26*CD-ROM

Fecha Anulación:
2020-04 /Withdrawn
Equivalencias internacionales:

prEN 17082 (2017-02)

Relación con otras normas DIN:

Reemplazada por: DIN EN 17082:2020-04

This European Standard specifies the requirements and test methods for the safety and efficiency of gas fired air heaters with or without a fan to assist the transportation of combustion air and/or flue gases, hereafter referred to as "appliances". This European Standard applies to Type A2, A3, B11, B11AS, B11BS, B12, B12AS, B12BS, B13, B13AS, B13BS, B14, B14AS, B14BS, B22, B23, B41, B41AS, B41BS, B42, B42AS, B42BS, B43, B43AS, B43BS, B44, B44AS, B44BS, B52, B53, C11, C12, C13, C21, C31, C32, C33, C41, C62 and C63 appliances with an input not exceeding 300 kW (net cv basis), intended for use in single unit residential dwellings and in other than single unit residential units. Provision of the heated air may be by means of ducting.This European Standard does not apply to:a) dual purpose air conditioning appliances (heating and cooling);b) appliances where the air is heated by an intermediate fluid;c) portable or transportable forced convection appliances;d) domestic appliances for outdoor installation;e) appliances fitted with manual or automatic means of adjusting the combustion products evacuation by means of flue dampers;f) appliances having multiple heating units with a single draught diverter;g) appliances fitted with more than one flue outlet;h) appliances fitted with gas boosters;i) domestic appliances of type C22, C23, C42, C43, C52 and C53;j) C21 and C41 appliances for 3rd family gases;NOTE For C41 appliances, see all requirements and test methods that are valid for C21 appliances, unless otherwise stated.This European Standard is applicable to appliances which are intended to be type tested. It also includes requirements concerning the evaluation of conformity, including factory production control, but these requirements only apply to POCEDs and their associated terminals.
Accessibility, Accuracy, Adjusting elements, Aeration, Air distribution, Air heaters, Air heating systems, Air-conditioning systems, Artificial weathering tests, Automatic, Burners, CE marking, Classification, Classification systems, Combustion, Combustion air, Combustion products, Commercial, Commissioning, Construction requirements, Control devices, Control equipment, Control systems, Controllers, Convection, Convection heaters, Conversion, Cut-out devices, Definitions, Design, Designations, Discharges, Efficiency, Electrical safety, Electrical testing, Equipment safety, Exhaust gases, Explosion hazard, Fans, Feed, Fire risks, Fire safety, Flame monitoring, Flames, Flow regulators, Flows, Flue emissions, Flue gas outlets, Flue gases, Flues, Gas burners, Gas burning, Gas connections, Gas filters, Gas flow, Gas heaters, Gas space heating, Gas technology, Gas valves, Gases, Gas-powered devices, Heat, Heat exchangers, Heat load, Heaters, Heating, Heating appliances, Heating convectors, Heating equipment, Ignition, Ignition devices, Ignition systems (heat engineering), Industrial, Instructions for use, Interruptions, Leak tests, Maintenance, Marking, Match flames, Multiple adjusting devices, Nominal thermal load, Operational safety, Overheating, Performance, Performance testing, Pilot flames, Pipe connections, Preset, Pressure regulators, Probes, Qualification tests, Ratings, Remote control, Safety, Safety device, Safety devices, Safety measures, Safety of products, Safety requirements, Safety-pilotes, Space-heating systems, Specification (approval), Stability, Stop valves, Temperature, Test pressure, Testing, Testing conditions, Thermal design of buildings, Thermal environment systems, Thermal insulation, Thermostats, Transport, Warm air heaters, Warm-air heating
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