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DIN EN 16841-2:2017-03

DIN EN 16841-2:2017-03

Ambient air - Determination of odour in ambient air by using field inspection - Part 2: Plume method; German version EN 16841-2:2016

Air ambiant - Détermination de la présence d'odeurs par mesures de terrain - Partie 2: Méthode du panache; Version allemande EN 16841-2:2016

Außenluft - Bestimmung von Geruchsstoffimmissionen durch Begehungen - Teil 2: Fahnenmessung; Deutsche Fassung EN 16841-2:2016

2017-03 /Active
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EN 16841-2 (2016-11)

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Reemplaza a: DIN EN 16841-2:2015-04

This European Standard describes the plume method for determining the extent of detectable and recognisable odour from a specific source using direct observation in the field by human panel members under specific meteorological conditions. With the plume method the presence or absence (YES/NO) of recognisable odours from a specific odour emission source, under a specified emission situation and meteorological conditions (specific wind direction, wind speed and boundary layer turbulence) is determined. The unit of measurement is the presence or absence of recognisable odours at a particular downwind location. The extent of the plume is assessed as the transition of absence to presence of recognisable odour. The primary application of this standard ist to provide a common basis for the determination of the plume extent in the member states of the European Union. The results are typically used to determine a plausible extent of potential exposure to recognisable odours, or to estimate the total emission rate using reverse dispersion modelling. The field of application of this European Standard includes: - the determination of the extent of the recognisable odour plume downwind from a source, under specific meteorological conditions (e. g. wind direction, wind speed, turbulence...) This European Standard does not include: - the measurement of the frequency of occurrence of odour hours as a representative value for the average meteorology of a location - the measurement of intensity of ambient odours - the measurement of hedonic tone of ambient odours - the calculation of estimated source emission rate from the plume extent using reverse dispersion modelling
Air, Air pollution, Air purification, Air purity, Ambient air, Annoyance caused by bad smell, Definitions, Efficiency, Emission control, Evaluations, Hedonic odour tone, Intensity, Measure, Measurement, Measuring techniques, Odorimetry, Odorous substances, Odour immission, Odours, Olfactometry, Perception, Pollution control, Pollution protection, Sensory
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