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DIN ISO/TR 22100-1:2016-07;DIN SPEC 33886:2016-07

DIN ISO/TR 22100-1:2016-07;DIN SPEC 33886:2016-07

Safety of machinery - Relationship with ISO 12100 - Part 1: How ISO 12100 relates to type-B and type-C standards (ISO/TR 22100-1:2015)

Sécurité des machines - Relation avec l'ISO 12100 - Partie 1: Relation entre l'ISO 12100 et les normes de type B et de type C (ISO/TR 22100-1:2015)

Sicherheit von Maschinen - Beziehung zu ISO 12100 - Teil 1: Wie ISO 12100 und Typ-B- und Typ-C-Normen zusammenhängen (ISO/TR 22100-1:2015)

2016-07 /Active
Equivalencias internacionales:

ISO/TR 22100-1 (2015-05)

This Technical Report describes the general relationship between ISO 12100 and type-B and type-C standards and gives advice regarding their interaction and target-oriented use.
Abrasion, Access, Accident prevention, Acoustic signals, Adjustable, Anatomical configurations, Anatomy, Assessment, Bacteria, Basic terms, Batching, Biological hazards, Colour, Combustion, Commissioning, Communication, Components, Computer software, Contact, Control, Control devices, Control systems, Corners, Cutting, Definitions, Design, Disturbances of equilibrium, Documentation, Drawing-in, Dust, Edge, Electrical engineering, Electricity, Emergency, Emergency shutdown, Emergency-off, Emission, Enclosure, Energy supply, Equipment safety, Ergonomics, Error correction, Evaluations, Experiences, Explosion hazard, Fatigue, Fault finding, Fire hazards, Fire risks, Fire-resistant, Firm, Fog, Foodstuff machine, Fracture, Frequencies, Friction, Gamma-radiation, Gases, Guiding principle, Hand control, Handling, Hazard analysis, Hazards, Human factors, Hydraulics, Impact, Indications, Industrial machines, Infra-red, Inhalation, Inserts, Inspection by producer, Laser equipment, Layout, Lifting tackle, Light, Lighting systems, Limitations, Liquids, Machines, Maintenance, Malfunction, Marking, Mass, Materials, Mechanical crimping, Mechanical engineering, Methodologies, Microwaves, Mould, Noise (environmental), Occupational safety, Operating devices, Operating elements, Operating instructions, Operating stations, Operation, Operators (personnel), Pedestrian-controlled systems, Physiology, Pneumatics, Precautionary measures, Probability, Properties, Protective clothing, Protective measures, Psychology, Put out of action, Radiation, Reduction, Reliability, Risk, Risk analysis, Risk assessment, Safety, Safety design, Safety devices, Safety engineering, Safety function, Safety measures, Safety of machinery, Safety of products, Safety requirements, Seats, Sensors, Shearing, Signal devices, Signals, Slipping, Software, Specification (approval), Speed, Stability, Staples, Statics, Stitch, Stumble, Substances, Surveillance (approval), Switches, Symbols, Systemology, Systems, Tables (data), Temperature, Terminology, Trade, Training, Transport, Transportable, Two-hand-controllers, Type approval, Type of protection, Ultraviolet, User information, Vapours, Velocity, Vibration, Viruses, Warning devices, Warning notices, Warning system, Warnings, Waste disposal, Wood, Working places, Workplace safety, X-rays
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