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DIN EN 12976-1:2017-04

DIN EN 12976-1:2017-04

Thermal solar systems and components - Factory made systems - Part 1: General requirements; German version EN 12976-1:2017 / Note: To be replaced by DIN EN 12976-1 (2018-10).

Installations solaires thermiques et leurs composants - Installations préfabriquées en usine - Partie 1: Exigences générales; Version allemande EN 12976-1:2017 / Attention: À remplacer par DIN EN 12976-1 (2018-10).

Thermische Solaranlagen und ihre Bauteile - Vorgefertigte Anlagen - Teil 1: Allgemeine Anforderungen; Deutsche Fassung EN 12976-1:2017 / Achtung: Vorgesehener Ersatz durch DIN EN 12976-1 (2018-10).

2017-04 /Active
Equivalencias internacionales:

EN 12976-1 (2017-01)

Relación con otras normas DIN:
This European Standard specifies requirements on durability, reliability and safety for Factory Made solar heating systems. The standard also includes provisions for evaluation of conformity to these requirements. Concept of system families is included, as well. The requirements in this standard apply to Factory Made solar systems as products. The installation of these systems including their integration with roofs or facades is not considered, but requirements are given for the documentation for the installer and the user to be delivered with the system. External auxiliary water heating devices that are placed in series with the Factory Made system are not considered to be part of the system. Cold water piping from the cold water grid to the system as well as piping from the system to an external auxiliary heater or to draw-off points is not considered to be part of the system. Piping between components of the Factory Made system is considered to be part of the system. Any integrated heat exchanger or piping for space heating option (see Introduction, last paragraph) is not considered to be part of the system.
Air heating systems, Air-conditioning systems, Allowable, Aluminium, Aluminium alloys, Antifreezes, Anti-freezing, Cast-iron, Chemical properties, Circulation, Climate, Closed, Collectors, Components, Conglomerates, Copper, Copper alloys, Corrosion, Corrosion protection, Definitions, Dimensions, Direct, Dirt traps, Durability, Efficiency, Electrical safety, Equipment, Erecting (construction operation), Exchange, Exchangers, Expansion lines, Expansion tanks, Expertise, Experts, Flow temperature, Frost, Graphite, Handlings, Heat, Heat accumulators, Heat capacity, Heat exchangers, Heat transfer media, Heating installations, Heating technics, Indirect, Industrial products, Interconnecting pipelines, Intrinsic safety, Lightning, Maintenance, Marking, Materials, Mechanical properties, Open, Operating overload pressure, Operational instructions, Pipelines, Pipework, Plant, Plastics, Potable water, Prefabricated, Prefabricated building components, Prefabricated buildings, Pressure expansion tanks, Pressure gauges, Pressure tests, Products, Reliability, Reliability testing, Repair, Rewind, Safety, Safety engineering, Safety lines, Safety requirements, Safety tests, Safety valves, Solar collectors, Solar heating, Solar heating plants, Solar power, Solar-powered devices, Specification (approval), Steels, Stores, Temperature, Temperature-measuring instruments, Testing, Thermal, Thermal environment systems, Thermal properties, Thermal protection, Thermometers, Water, Water circulation, Water heaters, Water mixtures
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