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DIN 16587:2015-11

DIN 16587:2015-11

Information technology - Automatic identification and data capture techniques - Data Matrix Rectangular Extension / Note: Date of issue 2015-10-23

/ Attention: Date de parution 2015-10-23

Informationstechnik - Automatische Identifikation und Datenerfassungsverfahren - Rechteckige Erweiterung des Data Matrix Codes / Achtung: Erscheinungsdatum 2015-10-23

Fecha Anulación:
2016-08 /Withdrawn
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Reemplazada por: DIN 16587:2016-08

The Data Matrix ECC 200 code is widely used in various applications. Automotive industry is an early adopter, but also many other branches have identified Data Matrix as the best barcode symbology to encode an increasing amount of data in a very small size. The significantly increased use of Data Matrix codes has brought up products of small sizes and different shapes which need to carry a code. On the other hand the amount of data to be encoded grew enormously and required standardized data formats to be inter-operable in a wide supply chain. Furthermore, requirements for counterfeiting especially in the pharmaceutical products came up and caused another add-on of data. Finally the serialization of products pushed the use of inline printing systems such as inkjet or Laser inscribing, which offer only limited print height and resolution. All this leads to a need for additional rectangular code formats. Small carton boxes or round containers provide sufficient space only in one dimension. In addition with the increased amount of date it became clear that the existing rectangular data Formats as described in the ISO/IEC standard 16022 would not fulfil these needs. With this standard 12 additional rectangular Data Matrix code symbols are defined. They are added to the six existing rectangular formats and follow the same encoding rules. Up-dates of existing software to print or decode these new formats simply require the extension of existing tables according to the rules outlined in this standard.
Bar code, Coded representation, Codes, Data formats, Data processing, Data representation, Definitions, Encoding, Information interchange, Information technology, Symbols
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