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DIN ISO 16592:2015-07

DIN ISO 16592:2015-07

Microbeam analysis - Electron probe microanalysis - Guidelines for determining the carbon content of steels using a calibration curve method (ISO 16592:2012); Text in German and English / Note: Date of issue 2015-06-12

Analyse par microfaisceaux - Analyse par microsonde électronique (microsonde de Castaing) - Lignes directrices pour le dosage du carbone dans les aciers par la droite d'étalonnage (ISO 16592:2012); Texte en allemand et anglais / Attention: Date de parution 2015-06-12

Mikrobereichsanalyse - Elektronenstrahl-Mikroanalyse - Leitfaden für die Bestimmung des Kohlenstoffgehalts von Stählen mittels einer Kalibrierkurven-Methode (ISO 16592:2012); Text Deutsch und Englisch / Achtung: Erscheinungsdatum 2015-06-12

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2015-12 /Withdrawn
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ISO 16592 (2012-08)

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Reemplazada por: DIN ISO 16592:2015-12

This Standard gives guidance on a method for the determination of the carbon content in steels containing other alloying elements (less than 1 % to 2 % by mass) using the calibration curve method. It specifies the sample preparation, X ray detection, establishment of the calibration curve and the procedure for the determination of the uncertainty of the measured carbon content. It is applicable to steels containing a mass fraction of carbon of less than 1,0 %. The method is not applicable to steels with higher carbon contents, which could significantly affect the accuracy of the analysis results. This Standard applies to analyses performed using normal beam incidence and wavelength-dispersive X ray spectrometry; it is not designed to be used for energy-dispersive X ray spectrometry.
Analysis, Analysis methods, Calibration curve, Carbon content, Determination of content, Electron beams, Electron microscopy, Guide books, Microanalysis, Microbeam analysis, Steels, Wavelength dispersive, X-ray spectrometry
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