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DIN ISO 9735-10:2015-05

DIN ISO 9735-10:2015-05

Electronic data interchange for administration, commerce and transport (EDIFACT) - Application level syntax rules (Syntax version number: 4, Syntax release number: 2) - Part 10: Syntax service directories (ISO 9735-10:2014)

Échange de données informatisé pour l'administration, le commerce et le transport (EDIFACT) - Règles de syntaxe au niveau de l'application (numéro de version de syntaxe: 4, numéro d'édition de syntaxe: 2) - Partie 10: Annuaires de syntaxe (ISO 9735-10:2014)

Elektronischer Datenaustausch für Verwaltung, Wirtschaft und Transport (EDIFACT) - Syntax-Regeln auf Anwendungsebene (Syntax-Versionsnummer: 4, Syntax-Releasenummer: 2) - Teil 10: Syntax-Service-Verzeichnisse (ISO 9735-10:2014)

2015-05 /Active
Equivalencias internacionales:

ISO 9735-10 (2014-12)

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This standard describes the syntax service directories according to the EDIFACT syntax, version 4, release 2, and includes not only the segment directory, composite data element directory and data element directory but also a snapshot of the codes directories.
Administration, Algorithms, Authority, Commerce, Commercial documents, Data, Data communication, Data editing, Data exchange, Data processing, Data security, Data transfer, Directories, Economics, EDIFACT, Electronic commerce, Electronic Data Interchange, Foreign trade, Freight transport, Information interchange, International trade, Linguistics, Message interchanges, Messages, Office system, Safety, Services, Specification (approval), Specifications, Structuring, Syntax, Telecommunication, Trade data interchange, Transport
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