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DIN EN 16602-70-13:2015-05

DIN EN 16602-70-13:2015-05

Space product assurance - Measurements of the peel and pull-off strength of coatings and finishes using pressure-sensitive tapes; English version EN 16602-70-13:2015

Assurance produit des projets spatiaux - Mesure de la force d'arrachement des revêtements et apprêts de rubans auto-adhésifs; Version anglaise EN 16602-70-13:2015

Raumfahrtproduktsicherung - Ermittlung der Schäl- und Abziehfestigkeit von Überzügen und Beschichtungen unter Anwendung von Haftbändern; Englische Fassung EN 16602-70-13:2015

2015-05 /Active
Equivalencias internacionales:

EN 16602-70-13 (2015-01)

Relación con otras normas DIN:
This Standard details a test in which pressure?sensitive tapes are used to assessthe suitability of, for example, coatings, paints, films and other thin materials,proposed for use on spacecraft and associated equipment.Surface coatings, such as thermal control paints and corrosion protectioncoatings, are affected, both on the ground and after launch, by exposure to theenvironment.It is therefore important that the adhesion of the coating to the relevantsubstrate remains at an acceptable level after exposure to the relevantenvironmental condition.The following materials and assemblies are covered by this test method:? organic coating, e. g. varnishes, paints and plastic films;? metallic finishes on, for example, printed circuit boards, second?surfacemirrors, thermal radiators, plastic films;? adhesive layers;? composite thin films;? small assemblies, e. g. solar cells having attached glass covers.This standard may be tailored for the specific characteristics and constrains of aspace project in conformance with ECSS?S?ST?00.
Adhesive-bonded joints, Aerospace transport, Availability, Checks, Coating materials, Coatings, Corrosion protection, Definitions, Determination, Electronic engineering, Electronic equipment and components, Management, Management techniques, Materials, Painting, Paints, Peel strength, Peeling tests, Printed circuits, Products, Pull-off strength, Quality assurance, Quality control, Quality management, Quality requirements, Reliability, Risk analysis, Rules of procedure, Safety, Safety of products, Space safety, Space transport, Specification (approval), Strength of materials, Tape, Testing, Varnishes
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