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DIN SPEC 4683:2015-04

DIN SPEC 4683:2015-04

Cryostats for liquefied helium - Safety devices for protection against excessive pressure

Cryostats pour hélium liquefies - Dispositifs de sécurité pour protection contre les pressions excessives

Flüssighelium-Kryostate - Sicherheitseinrichtungen gegen Drucküberschreitung

2015-04 /Active
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Reemplaza a: DIN SPEC 4683:2014-07

This document provides guidance for the hazard analysis (done by the manufacturer) and operational safety assessment (done by the equipment operator), for the pressure development, damage prevention and damage control for stationary pressure equipment for cryogenic helium in all thermodynamic conditions for allowable working pressures above 0,5 bar. For pressure equipment with allowable working pressures up to 0,5 bar this document can also be used for guidance. EXAMPLES Stationary cryostats for liquefied helium, cryostats for superconducting magnets, appliances for helium supply such as valve boxes and transfer pipelines This document can be used as a guide to assess the individual risks of particular cryostats for helium and to establish individual safety concepts. Further, gudance is given to the operation of such installations.
Bursting discs, Compressed gas equipment, Compressed gases, Cryostats, Definitions, Excess pressures, Fluids, Hazard analysis, Hazard assessment, Hazards, Helium, High-pressure-atmospheres hazards, Liquefied petroleum gas, Pressure instruments, Pressure overload, Safety devices, Safety valves
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