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DIN CEN/TS 16272-7:2015-12;DIN SPEC 1638:2015-12

DIN CEN/TS 16272-7:2015-12;DIN SPEC 1638:2015-12

Railway applications - Track - Noise barriers and related devices acting on airborne sound propagation - Test method for determining the acoustic performance - Part 7: Extrinsic characteristics - In situ values of insertion loss; German version CEN/TS 16272-7:2015

Applications ferroviaires - Voie - Dispositifs de réduction du bruit - Méthode d'essai pour la détermination des performances acoustiques - Partie 7: Caractéristiques extrinsèques - Valeurs in situ de la perte par insertion; Version allemande CEN/TS 16272-7:2015

Bahnanwendungen - Oberbau - Lärmschutzwände und verwandte Vorrichtungen zur Beeinflussung der Luftschallausbreitung - Prüfverfahren zur Bestimmung der akustischen Eigenschaften - Teil 7: Fremdspezifische Merkmale - In-situ-Werte zur Einfügungsdämpfung; Deutsche Fassung CEN/TS 16272-7:2015

2015-12 /Active
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CEN/TS 16272-7 (2015-09)

This document specifies methods for the determination of insertion loss of outdoor noise barriers intended to shield railway noise. It specifies detailed procedures for in-situ measurement of barrier insertion loss including microphone positions, source conditions and acoustic environments of the measurement sites. This document allows one to measure the insertion loss of a given noise barrier at a given site including given meteorological conditions. It does not make it possible to compare insertion loss values of an equivalent barrier on a different site. It can be used for comparing insertion loss values of different types of barriers at the same site under given meteorological conditions by the direct method. This European Standard gives a method for determining insertion loss:a) from the level difference before and after the installation of noise barriers (the direct method) and when this is not possible because a barrier has already been installed;b) using an indirect method to estimate the sound pressure levels before installation of the barrier by measurement at another site which has been judged to be equivalent.For equivalent sites, a close match is required in source characteristics, microphone locations, terrain profiles ground surface characteristics, surrounding artificial structures and meteorological conditions. This European Standard prescribes principles for ensuring that sufficiently equivalent conditions are maintained between before and after cases to permit certain, reliable and repeatable determination of barrier insertion loss.This European Standard does not cover the determination of the intrinsic acoustic characteristics of the barrier, for example the sound insulation index and the sound absorption coefficient.The equivalent continuous A-weighted sound pressure level and one-third-octave band sound pressure level are used as noise descriptors.This European Standard can be used for routine determination of barrier performance or for engineering or diagnostic evaluation. It can be used in situations where the barrier is to be installed or has already been installed.
Acoustic properties and phenomena, Acoustic testing, Acoustics, Airborne noise emitted, Airborne sound insulation, Definitions, In situ, Infrastructure, Insertion loss, Measurement, Noise control (acoustic), Noise protection walls, Noise reduction, Properties, Protective walls, Rail transport, Railway applications, Railways, Sheeting, Sound insulation measure, Sound propagation, Superstructure, Testing, Travel ways
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