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DIN CEN ISO/TR 9241-331:2014-12;DIN SPEC 33422:2014-12

DIN CEN ISO/TR 9241-331:2014-12;DIN SPEC 33422:2014-12

Ergonomics of human-system interaction - Part 331: Optical characteristics of autostereoscopic displays (ISO/TR 9241-331:2012); German version CEN ISO/TR 9241-331:2013

Ergonomie de l'interaction homme-système - Partie 331: Caractéristiques optiques des écrans autostéréoscopiques (ISO/TR 9241-331:2012); Version allemande CEN ISO/TR 9241-331:2013

Ergonomie der Mensch-System-Interaktion - Teil 331: Optische Eigenschaften von autostereoskopischen Displays (ISO/TR 9241-331:2012); Deutsche Fassung CEN ISO/TR 9241-331:2013

2014-12 /Active
Equivalencias internacionales:

CEN ISO/TR 9241-331 (2013-09)

ISO/TR 9241-331 (2012-04)

ISO/TR 9241-331:2012 establishes an ergonomic point of view for the optical properties of autostereoscopic displays (ASDs), with the aim of reducing visual fatigue caused by stereoscopic images on those displays. It gives terminology, performance characteristics and optical measurement methods for ASDs. It is applicable to spatially interlaced autostereoscopic displays (two-view, multi-view and integral displays) of the transmissive and emissive types. These can be implemented by flat-panel displays, projection displays, etc.
Comfort, Computers, Definitions, Design, Display, Display devices, Display devices (computers), Efficiency, Electronic equipment and components, Environment (working), Ergonomics, Eyes, Fatigue, Fatigue analysis, Fatigue behaviour, Fidelity, Field of view, Human-system interaction, Image quality, Interactions, Legibility, Man-machine, Measurement, Measurement conditions, Measuring techniques, Metrology, Office equipment, Optical, Performance requirements, Screen display, Screens, Specification (approval), Stereographs, Stereophotography, Testing, Tridimensional, Visual, Visual display units, Visual display work stations, Wellness, Work place layout, Working places, 3D-graphic
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