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DIN EN 12453:2014-06

DIN EN 12453:2014-06

Industrial, commercial and garage doors and gates - Safety in use of power operated doors - Requirements; German version prEN 12453:2014 / Note: Date of issue 2014-05-16

Portes et portails équipant les locaux industriels et commerciaux et les garages - Sécurité à l'utilisation des portes motorisées - Prescriptions; Version allemande prEN 12453:2014 / Attention: Date de parution 2014-05-16

Tore - Nutzungssicherheit kraftbetätigter Tore - Anforderungen; Deutsche Fassung prEN 12453:2014 / Achtung: Erscheinungsdatum 2014-05-16

Fecha Anulación:
2017-11 /Withdrawn
Equivalencias internacionales:

prEN 12453 (2014-04)

Relación con otras normas DIN:

Reemplaza a: DIN EN 12453:2005-05

Reemplaza a: DIN EN 12445:2005-05

Reemplazada por: DIN EN 12453:2017-11

This European Standard specifies requirements and test methods for the safety in use of any type of power operated door, gate and barrier including their components, intended for installation in areas in the reach of persons, and for which the main intended uses are giving safe access for goods and vehicles accompanied or driven by persons in industrial, commercial or residential premises. This European Standard also covers power operated vertically moving commercial doors used in retail premises which are mainly provided for the access of persons rather than vehicles or goods This European Standard deals with all significant hazards, hazardous situations and events relevant to the power operation of doors, gates and barriers, as identified in Annex C. European Standard does not apply to - lock gates and dock gates; - doors on lifts; - doors on vehicles; - armoured doors; - doors mainly for the retention of animals; - theatre textile curtains; - horizontally moving power operated doorsets intended for pedestrian use; - doors outside the reach of people (such as crane gantry fences); - railway barriers; - barriers used solely for vehicles (e. g. barriers on motorway, public car parks). Also this European Standard does not apply to power operated doors, gates and barriers which are manufactured before the date of publication of this European Standard. Requirements for specific characteristics (such as fire resistance, blast resistance, acoustic, escape route function, burglar resistance or thermal insulation, etc.) which certain doors are required to comply with are not specified in this document. If the specifications of a standard on the special characteristics of such doors are in conflict with the requirements of this European Standard, that standard has preference.
Architraves, Classification systems, Close, Closing force, Combustion, Concertina doors, Construction, Control, Covers, Cranks, Cutoff, Danger, Dangerous spots, Dead-mans handles, Definitions, Drawing-in, Electric current, Electrical hazards, Emergency electrical installations, Enclosures, Energy, Energy supply systems (buildings), Equipment, Exploitation, Explosions, Failure, Fire doors, Fire protection, Force, Gates, Grand pianos, Hand operated, Hand operating, Hands (anatomy), Hazards, Hinged shutter doors, Hydraulics, Impact, Instructions for use, Latches, Layout, Limitations, Main switch, Measurement, Mechanical crimping, Mechanical drive, Mechanical hazards, Obstacles, Openings, Persons, Physical strength, Pneumatics, Power operation, Power transmission systems, Power-operated, Protection devices, Protective measures, Remote control systems, Reset, Roll-up doors, Safety, Safety measures, Safety of use, Safety requirements, Shearing, Shut down, Sliding gates, Slowing-down path, Specification (approval), Surfaces, Switching-in, Usage, Use, User information, Utilization, Wickets
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