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DIN EN ISO 11267:2014-07

DIN EN ISO 11267:2014-07

Soil quality - Inhibition of reproduction of Collembola (Folsomia candida) by soil contaminants (ISO 11267:2014); German version EN ISO 11267:2014

Qualité du sol - Inhibition de la reproduction de Collembola (Folsomia candida) par des contaminants du sol (ISO 11267:2014); Version allemande EN ISO 11267:2014

Bodenbeschaffenheit - Hemmung der Reproduktion von Collembolen (Folsomia candida) durch Verunreinigungen (ISO 11267:2014); Deutsche Fassung EN ISO 11267:2014

2014-07 /Active
Equivalencias internacionales:

EN ISO 11267 (2014-02)

ISO 11267 (2014-02)

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This International Standard specifies one of the methods for evaluating the habitat function of soils and determining effects of soil contaminants and substances on the reproduction of Folsomia candida Willem by dermal and alimentary uptake. This chronic test is applicable to soils and soil materials of unknown quality, e. g. from contaminated sites, amended soils, soils after remediation, industrial, agricultural or other sites under concern and waste materials. The method is not applicable to volatile substances, i.e. substances for which H (Henry's constant) or the air/water partition coefficient is greater than 1, or for which the vapour pressure exceeds 0,013 3 Pa at 25 °C.NOTE 1 The stability of the test substance cannot be ensured over the test period. No provision is made in the test method for monitoring the persistence of the substance under test.
Agriculture, Bio-indicators, Biological analysis and testing, Chemical hazards, Collembola, Composition of the ground, Definitions, Determination, Ecotoxicology, Fungal growth, Ground, Health protection, Impairment damage, Impurities, Measurement, Pollutants, Pollution control, Reproduction (biology), Reproductions, Soil pollution, Soil surveys, Soils, Statistical methods of analysis, Substances toxic to reproduction, Substrates (insulating), Testing, Toxic, Toxicity
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