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DIN EN ISO 10517:2014-03

DIN EN ISO 10517:2014-03

Powered hand-held hedge trimmers - Safety (ISO 10517:2009 + AMD 1:2013); German version EN ISO 10517:2009 + A1:2013 / Note: DIN EN ISO 10517 (2010-01) remains valid alongside this standard until 2014-09-30.

Taille-haies portatifs à moteur - Sécurité (ISO 10517:2009 + AMD 1:2013); Version allemande EN ISO 10517:2009 + A1:2013 / Attention: DIN EN ISO 10517 (2010-01) reste valable avec la présente norme jusqu'à 2014-09-30.

Tragbare motorgetriebene Heckenscheren - Sicherheit (ISO 10517:2009 + AMD 1:2013); Deutsche Fassung EN ISO 10517:2009 + A1:2013 / Achtung: Daneben gilt DIN EN ISO 10517 (2010-01) noch bis 2014-09-30.

Fecha Anulación:
2019-09 /Withdrawn
Equivalencias internacionales:

EN ISO 10517 (2009-07)

EN ISO 10517/A1 (2013-09)

ISO 10517 AMD 1 (2013-09)

ISO 10517 (2009-07)

Relación con otras normas DIN:
This amendment refers to 5.2.3 with respect to blunt extensions according to figure 7 which are not an integral part of the cutting device.
Abrasion, After-running time, Agricultural equipment, Agricultural machines, Anatomical configurations, Anatomy, Blade of shears, Braking system, Burning, CE marking, Circuits, Combustion, Commissioning, Cones, Contact, Contact safety devices, Control, Cutting, Cutting device, Definitions, Design, Dimensions, Distances, Electric contact protection, Electric tools, Electrical safety, Equipment safety, Ergonomics, Exhaust systems, Fire hazards, Flue emissions, Forestry, Gardening equipment, Gasoline, Hand shields, Handles, Hazards, Heat protection, Heating, Hedge clippers, Hedge trimmers, Human errors, Idle mode, Ignition systems, Inhalation, Instructions for use, Knives, Longitudinal slots, Maintenance, Marking, Mechanical engineering, Mechanical hazards, Mechanical safety, Methods for measuring, Motor-operated, Motors, Noise, Noise (environmental), Operating elements, Operating instructions, Petrol tanks, Portable, Protective clothing, Safety, Safety devices, Safety engineering, Safety measures, Safety of machinery, Safety of products, Safety requirements, Sections, Shearing, Signals, Slipping, Slipping-off, Starting devices, Stumble, Surfaces, Switch off, Symbols, Take-off, Teeth (cutting tools), Test cycle, Testing, User information, Vibration, Warnings
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