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DIN EN ISO 10140-3/A1:2013-04

DIN EN ISO 10140-3/A1:2013-04

Acoustics - Laboratory measurement of sound insulation of building elements - Part 3: Measurement of impact sound insulation - Amendment 1 (ISO 10140-3:2010/DAM 1:2013); German version EN ISO 10140-3:2010/prA1:2013 / Note: Date of issue 2013-03-25

Acoustique - Mesurage en laboratoire de l'isolation acoustique des éléments de construction - Partie 3: Mesurage de l'isolation au bruit de choc - Amendement 1 (ISO 10140-3:2010/DAM 1:2013); Version allemande EN ISO 10140-3:2010/prA1:2013 / Attention: Date de parution 2013-03-25

Akustik - Messung der Schalldämmung von Bauteilen im Prüfstand - Teil 3: Messung der Trittschalldämmung - Änderung 1 (ISO 10140-3:2010/DAM 1:2013); Deutsche Fassung EN ISO 10140-3:2010/prA1:2013 / Achtung: Erscheinungsdatum 2013-03-25

Fecha Anulación:
2015-11 /Withdrawn
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EN ISO 10140-3/prA1 (2013-04)

ISO 10140-3 DAM 1 (2013-04)

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Reemplazada por: DIN EN ISO 10140-3:2015-11

This document specifies a laboratory method for measuring the impact sound insulation of building products. The test results can be used to compare the sound insulation properties of building elements, to classify elements according to their sound insulation capabilities, to help design building products which require certain acoustic properties, and to estimate the in-situ performance in complete buildings. The measurements are performed in laboratory test facilities in which sound transmission via flanking paths is suppressed. The results of measurements made in accordance with this document shall not be applied directly to the field situation without accounting for other factors affecting sound insulation such as flanking transmission, boundary conditions, and total loss factor. The amendment is intended to include the measurement of rainfall noise on roofs and windows.
Acoustic properties and phenomena, Acoustic testing, Acoustics, Buildings, Ceilings, Components, Construction, Constructional products, Determination, Dissipation factor, Floor constructions, Floors, Frequencies, Frequency ranges, Impact sound, Impact sound insulation, Impact sound level, Impact sound performance, Laboratory testing, Low frequencies, Materials testing, Measurement, Measuring instruments, Measuring techniques, Noise control (acoustic), Sound, Sound fields, Sound insulation, Sound power, Sound pressure level, Sound sources, Testing
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