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DIN EN ISO 14720-2:2013-06

DIN EN ISO 14720-2:2013-06

Testing of ceramic raw and basic materials - Determination of sulfur in powders and granules of non-oxidic ceramic raw and basic materials - Part 2: Inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry (ICP/OES) or ion chromatography after burning in an oxygen flow (ISO 14720-2:2013); German version EN ISO 14720-2:2013

Essais des matières premières pour produits réfractaires - Dosage du soufre dans les matières premières non oxydantes sous forme de poudre et de granulés - Partie 2 : Spectrométrie d'émission optique avec plasma induit par haute fréquence (ICP/OES) ou chromatographie ionique après combustion dans un courant d'oxygène (ISO 14720-2:2013); Version allemande EN ISO 14720-2:2013

Prüfung keramischer Roh- und Werkstoffe - Bestimmung des Schwefelgehaltes in pulver- und kornförmigen nichtoxidischen keramischen Roh- und Werkstoffen - Teil 2: Optische Emissionsspektrometrie mit induktiv gekoppeltem Plasma (ICP OES) oder Ionenchromatographie (IC) nach Verbrennung im Sauerstoffstrom (ISO 14720-2:2013); Deutsche Fassung EN ISO 14720-2:2013

2013-06 /Active
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EN ISO 14720-2 (2013-03)

ISO 14720-2 (2013-03)

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This document defines a method for the determination of sulfur in powdered and granular non-oxidic ceramic raw materials and materials, which are completely oxidised at higher temperature in an oxygen atmosphere, e. g. carbon and graphite materials. It is applicable to materials with mass fractions of sulphur less than or equal to 10 %, of ignition residue less than 20 % and of barium less than 10 mg/kg. Mass fractions of sulphur of 0,5 mg/kg when determined by ICP OES and of 5 mg/kg when determined by IC are guide values for the low application range of this method.
Analysis, Calibration, Ceramic, Ceramic powders, Ceramics, Chemical analysis and testing, Combustion methods, Definitions, Determination, Determination of content, Emission spectrophotometry, ICP, Ion-exchange chromatography, Laboratory sample, Materials, Materials testing, Mathematical calculations, OES, Particulate materials, Powder, Raw materials, Sampling methods, Sulphur content, Testing
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