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DIN EN 14654-2:2013-03

DIN EN 14654-2:2013-03

Management and control of operational activities in drain and sewer systems outside buildings - Part 2: Rehabilitation; German version EN 14654-2:2013 / Note: To be replaced by DIN EN 14654-2 (2019-05).

Gestion et contrôle des opérations de nettoyage des canalisations d'évacuation et d'assainissement - Partie 2: Réhabilitation; Version allemande EN 14654-2:2013 / Attention: À remplacer par DIN EN 14654-2 (2019-05).

Management und Überwachung von betrieblichen Maßnahmen in Abwasserleitungen und -kanälen - Teil 2: Sanierung; Deutsche Fassung EN 14654-2:2013 / Achtung: Vorgesehener Ersatz durch DIN EN 14654-2 (2019-05).

2013-03 /Active
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EN 14654-2 (2013-01)

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Reemplaza a: DIN EN 14654-2:2011-01

This European Standard establishes the general principles for the management and control of operational activities in drain and sewer systems outside buildings and specifies requirements for development and implementation of work programmes, and the selection of techniques. This part covers the management and control of rehabilitation activities. It is applicable to drain and sewer systems, which operate essentially under gravity, from the point where wastewater leaves a building, roof drainage system, or paved area, to the point where it is discharged into a treatment works or receiving water. Drains and sewers below buildings are included provided that they do not form part of the drainage system of the building.
Buildings, Construction, Definitions, Design, Dimensioning, Drainage, Drainage channels, Inspection, Methods, Pipelines, Planning, Quality control, Refurbishment, Repairs, Sewage, Sewage pipelines, Sewerage, Sewers, Surveillance (approval), Testing, Water practice
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