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DIN EN 12697-45:2012-07

DIN EN 12697-45:2012-07

Bituminous mixtures - Test methods for hot mix asphalt - Part 45: Saturation Ageing Tensile Stiffness (SATS) conditioning test; German version EN 12697-45:2012

Mélanges bitumineux - Méthodes d'essai pour mélange hydrocarboné à chaud - Partie 45: Essai de module en traction après saturation conditionnée (SATS); Version allemande EN 12697-45:2012

Asphalt - Prüfverfahren für Heißasphalt - Teil 45: Alterungsprüfung an gesättigten Asphalt-Probekörpern (SATS-Prüfung); Deutsche Fassung EN 12697-45:2012

Fecha Anulación:
2020-05 /Withdrawn
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EN 12697-45 (2012-04)

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Reemplaza a: DIN EN 12697-45:2011-10

Reemplazada por: DIN EN 12697-45:2020-05

This European Standard specifies a test method to assess the durability of adhesion in base and binder course asphalt mixtures. The Saturation Ageing Tensile Stiffness (SATS) conditioning regime is used to age the specimens in the presence of water. A comparative test for assessing their performance before and after conditioning is also conducted. The applicability of this test method is limited to bituminous specimens with consistent air voids contents and hard binder, in particular, to asphalt concrete mixtures with a binder content between 3,5 and 5,5 , air voids contents between 6 and 10 and 10/20 pen hard paving grade bitumen. The test is intended to be used as a screening test for the assessment of a combination of aggregate, filler and additives with respect to the retained adhesion properties after simulated ageing in a moist atmosphere for lean/stiff base and binder course mixtures. NOTE Alternative conditions for mixtures with binders other than 10/20 hard grade bitumen or other situations not covered by this European Standard are being developed.
Ageing (materials), Ageing stability, Ageing tests, Air conditioning, Asphalts, Construction, Construction materials, Definitions, Hot mix asphalts, Mathematical calculations, Methods, Road construction, Sampling methods, Specimen preparation, Test specimens, Testing
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