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DIN EN 1317-5:2012-06

DIN EN 1317-5:2012-06

Road restraint systems - Part 5: Product requirements and evaluation of conformity for vehicle restraint systems; German version EN 1317-5:2007+A2:2012 / Note: To be replaced by DIN EN 1317-5 (2014-02).

Dispositifs de retenue routiers - Partie 5: Exigences relatives aux produits et évaluation de la conformité pour les dispositifs de retenue pour véhicules; Version allemande EN 1317-5:2007+A2:2012 / Attention: À remplacer par DIN EN 1317-5 (2014-02).

Rückhaltesysteme an Straßen - Teil 5: Anforderungen an die Produkte, Konformitätsverfahren und -bewertung für Fahrzeugrückhaltesysteme; Deutsche Fassung EN 1317-5:2007+A2:2012 / Achtung: Vorgesehener Ersatz durch DIN EN 1317-5 (2014-02).

2012-06 /Active
Equivalencias internacionales:

EN 1317-5+A2 (2012-03)

TS EN 1317-5+A2 (2013-03-13)

Relación con otras normas DIN:
This European Standard specifies requirements for evaluation of conformity of the following vehicle restraint systems:a) safety barriers;b) crash cushions;c) terminals (will be effective when ENV 1317-4 becomes an EN);d) transitions (will be effective when ENV 1317-4 becomes an EN);e) vehicle / pedestrian parapets (only for the vehicle restraint function).Pedestrian parapet requirements are not covered in this document.Requirements for the evaluation of durability with respect to weathering are included in this document.Requirements for other forms of durability (e. g. marine environment, sand abrasion) are not included.Temporary barriers are not within the scope of this document.Amendment 2:This normative Annex includes a classification of safety barriers for the resistance to snow removal. It includes the horizontal and vertical pressure of ploughed snow against the rail and minor impacts caused the plough in the front and upper edge of the rail. A simplified evaluation method is intended for normal steel beam barriers, rope fences and monolithic concrete barriers. A test is possible for other barrier types. The specifying authority shall decide if classification is required.This annex shall not be used for crash cushions, terminals and transitions.
Acceptance (approval), Acceptance inspection, Acceptance specification, Accompanying forms, CE marking, Certification (approval), Collisions, Conformity, Construction, Crash barriers, Definitions, Durability, Efficiency, Identification, Impact dampers, Impacts, Marking, Performance, Performance record, Performance tests, Production, Production control, Protection devices, Replaceability, Restraint systems (protective), Road construction, Road safety, Road transport, Roads, Safety engineering, Snow loading, Snow removal, Specification (approval), Surveillance (approval), Testing, Traffic control systems, Transportation safety, Vehicles
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