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DIN EN ISO 15234:2011-02

DIN EN ISO 15234:2011-02

Paints and varnishes - Testing of formaldehyde-emitting coatings and melamine foams - Determination of the steady-state concentration of formaldehyde in a small test chamber (ISO 15234:1999); German version EN ISO 15234:2010

Peintures et vernis - Essais des revêtements et mousses mélamines qui émettent du formaldéhyde - Détermination de la concentration à l'équilibre du formaldéhyde dans une petite chambre d'essai (ISO 15234:1999); Version allemande EN ISO 15234:2010

Beschichtungsstoffe - Prüfung von Formaldehyd emittierenden Beschichtungen und Melaminschaumstoffen - Bestimmung der Ausgleichskonzentration an Formaldehyd in einem kleinen Prüfraum (ISO 15234:1999); Deutsche Fassung EN ISO 15234:2010

2011-02 /Active
Equivalencias internacionales:

EN ISO 15234 (2010-11)

ISO 15234 (1999-02)

Relación con otras normas DIN:

Reemplaza a: DIN EN ISO 15234:2010-05

Reemplaza a: DIN 55666:1995-04

The standard specifies a test method for determining the equilibrium concentration of formaldehyde from formaldehyde-emitting coatings and melamine foams in a small test chamber. It describes the determination of the equilibrium concentration of formaldehyde that is established in air at 23 °C and 50 % relative humidity. The test closely simulates practical conditions and can be performed on a laboratory scale. Good correlation is obtained with values obtained on samples of the same material in a 40 m<(hoch)3> test chamber. The method, which is simple to perform, is therefore suitable for the preliminary determination of limits that have to be adhered to.
Closed test rooms, Coating materials, Coating systems, Coatings, Concentrates, Concentration, Concentration (chemical), Dangerous materials, Dangerous stuffs, Definitions, Emission, Equalization concentration, Foamed rubber, Foams, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde concentration, Formaldehyde emissions, Health protection, Inner atmosphere, Materials testing, Melamine, Paints, Pollution control, Pollution protection, Reagents, Rooms, Test equipment, Test results, Testing, Textiles
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