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DIN EN 13418:2011-01

DIN EN 13418:2011-01

Plastics and rubber machines - Winding machines for film or sheet - Safety requirements; German version prEN 13418:2010 / Note: Date of issue 2011-01-24

Machines pour les matières plastiques et le caoutchouc - Bobineuses pour films ou feuilles - Prescriptions de sécurité; Version allemande prEN 13418:2010 / Attention: Date de parution 2011-01-24

Kunststoff- und Gummimaschinen - Wickelmaschinen für flache Bahnen - Sicherheitsanforderungen; Deutsche Fassung prEN 13418:2010 / Achtung: Erscheinungsdatum 2011-01-24

Fecha Anulación:
2013-08 /Withdrawn
Equivalencias internacionales:

prEN 13418 (2010-12)

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Reemplazada por: DIN EN 13418:2013-08

This European Standard specifies the safety requirements for the design and construction of winding, unwinding and rewinding machines for film or sheet manufactured from rubber, plastics and composite materials in respect of the significant hazards listed in clause 4.A winding machine begins at the intake of the film or sheet into the winding machine and ends at the discharge position of the reel(s).An unwinding machine begins at the take-up position of the reel(s) and ends at the film or sheet take-off point.A rewinding machine begins at the take-up position of the reel(s) and ends at the discharge position of the reel(s).In some machines the winding, unwinding and rewinding functions may be combined.The following functional groups are covered by this European Standard: fixed point roll; film or sheet tension control; winding zone; reel change device; reel loading and unloading devices; and the following additional equipment integrated into the winding machine: spreader roll device; longitudinal cutting unit; slitting device; film or sheet alignment device; static eliminator.Technical safety requirements for the design and construction of aids for lifting and handling, e. g. of winding cores or reels, are not covered by this standard.Technical safety requirements for the design and construction of thick-ness monitoring devices are not covered by this standard.Hazards due to electro-magnetic radiation, e. g. from the use of thickness monitoring devices, are not covered by this standard.Toxic or chemical hazards and hazards due to dusts, fumes or gases, which could occur from the materials being wound are not covered by this standard.This standard applies to machines which are manufactured after the date of approval of the standard by CEN.
Accident prevention, Anatomical configurations, Batching, Caution, Chain cases, Coilers, Communication, Composite materials, Construction requirements, Constructions, Contact safety devices, Control devices, Covers, Cross cutters, Cutting machines (tools), Danger zones, Definitions, Design, Electric contact protection, Electric contacts, Electrical equipment, Electrical safety, Electrostatic, Electrostatics, Equipment, Equipment safety, Ergonomics, Foundry equipment, Hazards, Health and safety requirements, Machine tools, Machines, Mechanical engineering, Noise, Noise (environmental), Noise levels, Occupational safety, Operation, Plastic sheets, Plastics, Plastics industries, Plastics processing, Plastics-working machinery, Production, Protection devices, Protective measures, Rubber articles, Rubber industry, Rubber machines, Safety, Safety devices, Safety distances, Safety engineering, Safety measures, Safety of machinery, Safety requirements, Sheets, Specification (approval), Unreeling, Vulcanized rubber, Winding, Winding tool, Winding-on attachment, Workplace safety
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