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DIN EN 15001-1:2011-02

DIN EN 15001-1:2011-02

Gas infrastructure - Gas installation pipework with an operating pressure greater than 0,5 bar for industrial installations and greater than 5 bar for industrial and non-industrial installations - Part 1: Detailed functional requirements for design, materials, construction, inspection and testing; German version EN 15001-1:2009 / Note: To be replaced by DIN EN 15001-1 (2017-08).

Systèmes d'alimentation en gaz - Canalisations d'installations de gaz avec une pression de service supérieure à 0,5 bar pour les installations industrielles et supérieures à 5 bar pour les installations industrielles et non industrielles (domestiques et commerciales) - Partie 1: Exigences fonctionnelles détaillées relative à la conception, aux matériaux, à la construction, à l'inspection et aux essais; Version allemande EN 15001-1:2009 / Attention: À remplacer par DIN EN 15001-1 (2017-08).

Gasinfrastruktur - Gas-Leitungsanlagen mit einem Betriebsdruck größer 0,5 bar für industrielle Installationen und größer 5 bar für industrielle und nicht-industrielle Installationen - Teil 1: Detaillierte funktionale Anforderungen an Planung, Material, Bau, Inspektion und Prüfung; Deutsche Fassung EN 15001-1:2009 / Achtung: Vorgesehener Ersatz durch DIN EN 15001-1 (2017-08).

2011-02 /Active
Equivalencias internacionales:

EN 15001-1 (2009-07)

TS EN 15001-1 (2011-01-13)

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Reemplaza a: DIN EN 15001-1:2009-02

This standard specifies detailed functional requirements for the design, selection of materials, construction, inspection and testing of industrial gas installations and assemblies with an operating pressure greater than 0,5 bar and of non-industrial gas installations with an operating pressure greater than 5 bar in buildings and areas intended for domestic, commercial, public and mixed uses, starting from the gas supplier's behind the network operator's point of delivery up to the inlet connection to the gas appliance; normally the inlet isolation valve. This standard also covers the inlet connection to the gas appliance comprising of the pipework that does not fall within the scope of the appliance standard. This standard applies to gas installations operating at ambient temperatures between -20°C and 40°C and operating pressures up to and including 60 bar. For operating conditions outside these limitations, reference should be made to EN 13480 for metallic pipework. For industrial gas installations up to and including 0,5 bar and for non-industrial (domestic and commercial) gas installations up to and including 5 bar in buildings and areas intended for domestic, commercial, public and mixed use, EN 1775 applies. For gas installations that do not fall within the scope of EN 1775 or other European standards, this standard applies. In this standard, the term "gas" refers to combustible gases, which are gaseous at 15°C and 1013 mbar absolute atmospheric pressure. These gases are commonly referred to as manufactured gas, natural gas or Liquidfied Petroleum Gas (LPG). They are also referred to as first, second or third family gases (see table 1 of EN 437:1993). LPG storage vessels (including all ancillaries fitted directly to storage vessels) are excluded. Also excluded are LPG installations and sections of LPG installations operating at vapour pressure. In this standard, all pressures are gauge pressures unless otherwise stated. This standard has been harmon
Assemblies, Buildings, Burning gases, CE marking, Commercial, Copper, Copper pipes, Corrosion protection, Definitions, Design, Erection, Fittings, Functionality, Gas appliances, Gas circuits, Gas fittings, Gas pipelines, Gas pipes, Gas supply, Gas supply system, Gas technology, Gas transportation, Gases, Industrial, Marking, Materials, Operational safety, PE, Pipelines, Pipes, Piping, Piping system, Planning, Plastic pipelines, Plastic pipes, Plastics, Pressure, Pressure control, Pressure monitoring, Pressure overload, Pressure pipes, Production, Quality, Quality assurance, Quality requirements, Safety, Safety requirements, Specification (approval), Steel pipes, Steels, Surveillance (approval), Testing, Working pressures
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