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DIN EN ISO 7779:2011-01

DIN EN ISO 7779:2011-01

Acoustics - Measurement of airborne noise emitted by information technology and telecommunications equipment (ISO 7779:2010); German version EN ISO 7779:2010

Acoustique - Mesurage du bruit aérien émis par les équipements liés aux technologies de l'information et aux télécommunications (ISO 7779:2010); Version allemande EN ISO 7779:2010

Akustik - Geräuschemissionsmessung an Geräten der Informations- und Telekommunikationstechnik (ISO 7779:2010); Deutsche Fassung EN ISO 7779:2010

Fecha Anulación:
2019-04 /Withdrawn
Equivalencias internacionales:

EN ISO 7779 (2010-08)

ISO 7779 (2010-08)

TS EN ISO 7779 (2015-01-29)

Relación con otras normas DIN:
This standard describes the determination of the noise emission of information technology and telecommunications equipment: - Determination of sound power levels in reverberation rooms (according to ISO 3741) and under essentially free-field conditions over a reflecting plane (according to ISO 3744 and ISO 3745); - Determination of emission sound pressure levels at the operator and bystander positions (according to ISO 11201). Test accessories, further measurement surfaces, procedures for identification of prominent discrete tones and impulsive noise, as well as installation and operating conditions for the specific equipment are described in annexes.
Acoustic measurement, Acoustic testing, Acoustics, Airborne noise, Airborne noise emitted, Airborne sound, Cables, Calibration, Clay fraction, Comparison, Computers, Corrections, Data, Data processing, Data processing equipment, Definitions, Determination, Enveloping surface methods, Environment, Ergonomics, External noise, Filters, Free fields, Frequencies, Handling, Information technology, Input voltage, Installations, Instruments, Layout, Loudness levels, Machine noise, Machines, Measurement, Measurement duration, Measuring banks, Measuring environment, Measuring instruments, Measuring rooms, Measuring surfaces, Measuring systems, Measuring techniques, Measuring uncertainty, Methods, Microphones, Moisture, Noise, Noise control, Noise emissions, Noise (environmental), Noise measurement, Office equipment, Office machines, Operating conditions, Operating stations, Operation, Operators, PC, Personal computers, Precision, Pressure, Printers, Reflection, Reverberation room method, Reverberation rooms, Rotation, Sitting, Sound intensity, Sound level, Sound pressure, Sound pressure level, Sound sources, Tables, Telecommunications, Temperature, Terminals, Testing, Type of unit, Working places
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