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DIN EN 62489-1:2010-11

DIN EN 62489-1:2010-11

Electroacoustics - Audio-frequency induction loop systems for assisted hearing - Part 1: Methods of measuring and specifying the performance of system components (IEC 62489-1:2010); German version EN 62489-1:2010 / Note: A transition period, as set out in DIN EN 62489-1 (2015-10), exists until 2018-01-21.

Electroacoustique - Systèmes de boucles d'induction audiofréquences pour améliorer l'audition - Partie 1: Méthodes de mesure et de spécification des performances des composants de systèmes (CEI 62489-1:2010); Version allemande EN 62489-1:2010 / Attention: Il existe un délai de transition comme fixé en DIN EN 62489-1 (2015-10) jusqu'à 2018-01-21.

Akustik - Audiofrequenz-Induktionsschleifenanlagen zur Unterstützung von Hörsystemen - Teil 1: Verfahren zur Messung und Angabe des Betriebsverhaltens der Systemkomponenten (IEC 62489-1:2010); Deutsche Fassung EN 62489-1:2010 / Achtung: Übergangsfrist, festgelegt durch DIN EN 62489-1 (2015-10), bis 2018-01-21 beachten.

Fecha Anulación:
2015-10 /Withdrawn
Equivalencias internacionales:

EN 62489-1 (2010-04)

IEC 62489-1 (2010-01)

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Reemplaza a: DIN IEC 62489-1:2008-04

Reemplazada por: DIN EN 62489-1:2015-10

This part of the IEC 62489 series applies to the components of audio-frequency induction-loop systems for assisted hearing. It may also be applied to such systems used for other purposes, as far as it is applicable. This standard is intended to encourage accurate and uniform presentation of manufacturers' specifications, which can be verified by standardized methods of measurement. It is intended for type testing. The components considered are the following: - amplifiers; - microphones; - other components, such as playback equipment.
Acoustics, Amplifiers, Audibility, Audio amplifier, Audio appliances, Audiofrequencies, Audiometry, Data of the manufacturer, Definitions, Electrical engineering, Electroacoustics, Electromagnetic induction, Field strength (electric), Frequencies, Hearing aids, Impedance, Induction, Induction loops, Input voltage, Interfering noise, Magnetic field measurement, Magnetic field strength, Magnetic fields, Measurement, Measurement conditions, Measuring techniques, Methods for measuring, Neck loops, Noise levels, Performance in service, Physical properties, Ratings, Specification (approval), Testing
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