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DIN 38412-3:2010-10

DIN 38412-3:2010-10

German standard methods for the examination of water, waste water and sludge - Bio-assays (group L) - Part 3: Toxicity test for assessing the inhibition of the dehydrogenase activity of activated sludge microorganisms (TTC-Test) (L 3)

Méthodes normalisées allemandes pour l'analyse des eaux, des eaux résiduaires et des boues - Essais biologiques (groupe L) - Partie 3: Essai de toxicité pour l'évaluation de l'inhibition de l'activité de déhydrogénase des micro-organismes des boues activées (TTC-Test) (L 3)

Deutsche Einheitsverfahren zur Wasser-, Abwasser- und Schlammuntersuchung - Testverfahren mit Wasserorganismen (Gruppe L) - Teil 3: Toxizitätstest zur Bestimmung der Dehydrogenasenaktivitätshemmung in Belebtschlamm (TTC-Test) (L 3)

2010-10 /Active
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Reemplaza a: DIN 38412-3:2008-06

This standard specifies a biological method for the determination of toxicity by the dehydrogenase activity using 2,3,5-Triphenyltetrazoliumchlorid (TTC) of domestic and industrial waste waters and waste water constituents from sewage and comparison with activated sludge from a activated sludge treatment. The incubation time is one hour for 20 °C in the dark. Colourless, water soluble TTC, used as an indicator, is reduced to red, water unsoluble Triphenylformazane (TPF) using the dehydrogenase in activated sludge. TPF the is extracted using ethanol and photometrically determined at 485 nm. On the amount of TPF produced compared to control samples, the inhibition or activation by the tested substrate can be determined. An inhibition above 20 % is significant.
Activated sludges, Analysis, Bacteria, Bacteria cultures, Bioassay, Biological analysis and testing, Biomass, Chemicals, Definitions, Dehydrogenase, Determination procedures, Ecology, Examination of sludge, Examination of waste water, Investigation methods, Measurement, Measuring techniques, Microbiological analysis, Microorganisms, Organic compounds, Samples, Sampling methods, Sediment, Sewage, Sewage treatment plants, Sludge, Standard methods, Testing, Toxicity, Water, Water constituents, Water organisms, Water pollution, Water practice, Water quality, Water testing
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