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DIN CEN/TS 15864:2012-11;DIN SPEC 91235:2012-11

DIN CEN/TS 15864:2012-11;DIN SPEC 91235:2012-11

Characterisation of waste - Leaching behaviour test for basic characterisation - Dynamic monolithic leaching test with continuous leachant renewal under conditions relevant for specified scenario(s); German version CEN/TS 15864:2012

Caractérisation des déchets - Essais de comportement à la lixiviation pour la caractérisation de base - Essai de lixiviation dynamique des monolithes avec renouvellement continu du lixiviant dans des conditions pertinentes pour des scénarios spécifiés; Version allemande CEN/TS 15864:2012

Charakterisierung von Abfällen - Untersuchung des Auslaugungsverhaltens für die grundlegende Charakterisierung - Dynamisches Auslaugungsverfahren für monolithische Abfälle mit kontinuierlicher Erneuerung des Auslaugungsmittels unter Bedingungen für festgelegte Szenarien; Deutsche Fassung CEN/TS 15864:2012

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2016-03 /Withdrawn
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CEN/TS 15864 (2012-07)

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Reemplaza a: DIN EN 15864:2008-09

This document is applicable to determining the leaching behaviour of monolithic wastes under dynamic conditions. The test is performed under experimental conditions relevant to assess the leaching behaviour in view of the considered scenario(s). This test is aimed at determining the release as a function of time of inorganic constituents from a monolithic waste, when it is put into contact with an aqueous solution (leachant). In general, the composition, the temperature and the continuous renewal rate of the leachant are chosen such that the leaching behaviour of the waste material can be studied in view of the considered disposal or recovery scenario. When the release is to be determined without any reference to a specific scenario, the leachant is demineralised water, the temperature and the continuous renewal rate are fixed. This testDynamic Monolithic Leaching Test (DMLT) is a parameter specific test as specified in EN 12920 and is then not aimed at simulating real situations. The application of this test method alone is not sufficient for the determination of the detailed leaching behaviour of a monolithic waste under specified conditions. In the framework of EN 12920 and in combination with additional chemical information, the test results are used to identify the leaching mechanisms and their relative importance. The intrinsic properties can be used to predict the release of constituents at a given time frame, in order to assess the leaching behaviour of monolithic waste materials, placed in different situations or scenarios (including disposal and utilisation scenarios). The test methods described in this standard applymethod applies to regularly shaped test portions of monolithic wastes with minimum dimensions of 40 mm in all directions, whichthat are assumed to maintain their integrity over a time frame relevant for the considered scenario. The test methods applymethod applies to test portions for which the geometric surface area can be determined with the help of simple geometric formulas. equations. The test method applies to low permeable monoliths monolithic materials. NOTE 3 This procedure may not be applicable to materials reacting with the leachant, leading for example to excessive gas emission or an excessive heat release. This European standarddocument has been developed to determine the transfer of mainly inorganic constituents from wastes. It does not take into account the particular characteristics of organic constituents nor the consequences of microbiological processes in organic degradable wastes.
Characterisations, Characteristics, Consistency, Continuous, Definitions, Dynamic, Eluate, Extracting behaviour, Inorganic, Inorganic materials, Investigation methods, Investigations, Leaching, Leaching processes, Lixiviation, Measurement, Measuring techniques, Minimum dimensions, Monolithic, Release, Samples, Solids, Testing, Waste separation, Wastes, Water, Water practice
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