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DIN EN 15620:2010-05

DIN EN 15620:2010-05

Steel static storage systems - Adjustable pallet racking - Tolerances, deformations and clearances; German version EN 15620:2008 / Note: To be replaced by DIN EN 15620 (2020-02).

Systèmes de stockage statiques en acier - Rayonnages à palettes réglables - Tolérances, déformations et jeux; Version allemande EN 15620:2008 / Attention: À remplacer par DIN EN 15620 (2020-02).

Ortsfeste Regalsysteme aus Stahl - Verstellbare Palettenregale - Grenzabweichungen, Verformungen und Freiräume; Deutsche Fassung EN 15620:2008 / Achtung: Vorgesehener Ersatz durch DIN EN 15620 (2020-02).

2010-05 /Active
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EN 15620 (2008-10)

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Reemplaza a: DIN EN 15620:2007-03

This European standard specifies tolerances, deformations and clearances that pertain to the production, assembly and erection of adjustable pallet racking including the interaction with floors. These tolerances, deformations and clearances are of importance in ensuring the conditions for the proper interaction of the handling equipment and the unit load with the adjustable racking. The interaction conditions are also of importance in determining the reliability of the storage system to ensure that the chance of an industrial truck impact, pallet impact or a system breakdown is acceptably low. This standard applies to single deep adjustable beam pallet racking operated with industrial trucks or stacker cranes. This standard gives guidance for a variety of issues including operating clearances, manufacturing, assembly and erection tolerance limitations, as well as deflection or strain deformation limitations under loads. This standard specifically excludes the tolerances, deformations and clearances, of the trucks and stacker cranes. It is the responsibility of the truck or stacker crane supplier and the client or user to ensure that the tolerances, deformations and clearances, as quoted in the standard for the racking systems, are acceptable for the safe operation of the overall system. Tolerances, deformation limitations and clearances are defined in relation to the functional requirements, which are largely governed by the handling equipment to be used by personnel, trained and qualified as competent, in the correct use of the handling equipment in association with the specific type of racking system. This standard shall also be read in accordance with the latest guidance from the truck and stacker crane suppliers regarding turning radii, tolerances, deformations and clearances of the truck and stacker cranes.
Adjustable, Assembling, Classes, Clearances, Definitions, Design, Dimensioning, Dimensions, Durability, Effects, Equipment safety, Erecting (construction operation), Fitness for purpose, Free spaces, Girders, Load capacity, Load distributions, Load response, Loading, Mechanical effects (human body), Operational safety, Pallets, Production, Safety, Shelf-bottoms, Shelving, Space, Specification (approval), Stationary, Stays, Steel products, Steels, Storage, Storage and retrieval machines, Storage shelves, Storage system, Strain, Tolerances (measurement), Work places
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