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DIN EN ISO 8230-2:2009-05

DIN EN ISO 8230-2:2009-05

Safety requirements for dry-cleaning machines - Part 2: Machines using perchloroethylene (ISO 8230-2:2008); German version EN ISO 8230-2:2008 / Note: DIN EN ISO 8230 (1998-03) remains valid alongside this standard until 2009-12-28.

Exigences de sécurité pour les machines de nettoyage à sec - Partie 2: Machines utilisant du perchloroéthylène (ISO 8230-2:2008); Version allemande EN ISO 8230-2:2008 / Attention: DIN EN ISO 8230 (1998-03) reste valable avec la présente norme jusqu'à 2009-12-28.

Sicherheitsanforderungen an Textilreinigungsanlagen - Teil 2: Maschinen, bei denen Perchlorethylen verwendet wird (ISO 8230-2:2008); Deutsche Fassung EN ISO 8230-2:2008 / Achtung: Daneben gilt DIN EN ISO 8230 (1998-03) noch bis 2009-12-28.

2019-05 /Active
Equivalencias internacionales:

EN ISO 8230-2 (2008-10)

ISO 8230-2 (2008-10)

Relación con otras normas DIN:
This standard regards the relevant essential safety requirements and suggests possible solutions representing the state of the art with respect to safety. The extent to which hazards are covered is indicated in the scope.
Accident prevention, Ageing tests, Anatomical configurations, Batching, CE marking, Chemical cleaning, Chemical hazards, Cleaning, Cleaning machines, Combustion, Compressed air, Currents, Design, Doors, Dry cleaning, Dry cleaning machine, Electrical hazards, Energy, Ergonomics, Establishment, Evaporation, Exploitation, Failure, Filters, Hazards, Heat, Heating equipment, Impact, Information, Instructions, Ladders, Laundry machines, Maintenance, Marking, Mechanical engineering, Mechanical hazards, Noise (environmental), Operating instructions, Operation, Perchloroethylene, Plants for cleaning, Protective measures, Safety devices, Safety engineering, Safety measures, Safety of machinery, Safety requirements, Shearing, Signs, Solvents, Specification, Supply, Surfaces, Test methods, Tetrachloroethylene, Textile machinery, Textile machines, Textiles, Use, User information, Vapours, Vibration, Warning notices
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