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DIN CEN/TS 12977-2:2010-06;DIN SPEC 1209:2010-06

DIN CEN/TS 12977-2:2010-06;DIN SPEC 1209:2010-06

Thermal solar systems and components - Custom built systems - Part 2: Test methods for solar water heaters and combisystems; German version CEN/TS 12977-2:2010

Installations solaires thermiques et leurs composants - Installations personnalisées - Partie 2: Méthodes d'essais pour chauffe-eau solaires et installations mixtes; Version allemande CEN/TS 12977-2:2010

Thermische Solaranlagen und ihre Bauteile - Kundenspezifisch gefertigte Anlagen - Teil 2: Prüfverfahren für Solaranlagen zur Trinkwassererwärmung und solare Kombianlagen; Deutsche Fassung CEN/TS 12977-2:2010

Fecha Anulación:
2012-06 /Withdrawn
Equivalencias internacionales:

CEN/TS 12977-2 (2010-04)

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Reemplaza a: DIN V ENV 12977-2:2001-10

Reemplazada por: DIN EN 12977-2:2012-06

This Technical Specification applies to small and large custom built solar heating systems with liquid heat transfer medium for residential buildings and similar applications, and gives test methods for verification of the requirements specified in CEN/TS 12977 1. This document also includes a method for thermal performance characterization and system performance prediction of small custom built systems by means of component testing and system simulation. Furthermore, this document contains methods for thermal performance characterization and system performance prediction of large custom built systems. This document applies to the following types of small custom built solar heating systems: systems for domestic hot water preparation only; systems for space heating only; systems for domestic hot water preparation and space heating; others (e. g. including cooling). This document applies to large custom built solar heating systems, primarily to solar preheat systems, with one or more storage vessels, heat exchangers, piping and automatic controls and with collector array(s) with forced circulation of fluid in the collector loop. This document does not apply to: systems with a store medium other than water (e. g. phase change materials); thermosiphon systems; integral collector storage (ICS) systems.
Accelerated testing, Air heating systems, Circulation, Collectors, Components, Control systems, Corrosion protection, Dimensions, Domestic facilities, Efficiency, Energy balance, Expansion tanks, Frost resistance, Handlings, Heat, Heat accumulators, Heat capacity, Heat exchangers, Heat transfer media, Heating installations, Heating technics, Intrinsic safety, Long-time behaviour, Marking, Mathematical calculations, Mechanical properties, Operational instructions, Performance, Permanency, Pipelines, Plant, Pressure tests, Quality assurance, Rating tests, Reliability, Reliability testing, Repair, Residential areas, Safety devices, Safety engineering, Safety requirements, Safety tests, Simulation, Solar collectors, Solar heating, Solar power, Solar-powered devices, Space-heating systems, Specification (approval), Surveillance (approval), Telltales, Testing, Thermal, Thermal efficiency, Water circulation, Water heaters, Water heating
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