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PD CEN/TS 12697-50:2018 - TC

PD CEN/TS 12697-50:2018 - TC

Tracked Changes. Bituminous mixtures. Test methods. Resistance to scuffing

2020-02-27 /Under Review
This European Technical Specification specifies a test method for determining the resistance to scuffing of asphalt mixtures which are used in surface layers and are loaded with high shear stresses in road or airfield pavement. These shear stresses occur in the contact area between tyre and pavement surface and can be caused by cornering of the vehicle. Due to these shear stresses, material loss will occur at the surface of these layers. The test is normally performed on asphalt layers with a high amount of air voids (e.g. porous asphalt), but can also be applied on other asphaltic mixtures. Test specimens are used either produced in a laboratory or cut from the pavement. NOTE The test is developed to determine the resistance to scuffing for noise reducing surface layers where raveling is the normative damage criterion. The test can also be performed on other surface mixtures with a high resistance to permanent deformation. In case a mixture has a low resistance to permanent deformation, rutting can occur during the test. This can influence the test results.
Surfaces, Mixtures, Stress, Airports, Asphalts, Bitumens, Shear stress, Pavements (roads), Test methods
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