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BS ISO 17089-1:2019 - TC

BS ISO 17089-1:2019 - TC

Tracked Changes. Measurement of fluid flow in closed conduits. Ultrasonic meters for gas. Meters for custody transfer and allocation measurement

2020-02-24 /Definitive

This document specifies requirements and recommendations for ultrasonic gas flowmeters (USMs), which utilize the transit time of acoustic signals to measure the flow of single phase homogenous gases in closed conduits.

This document applies to transit time ultrasonic gas flowmeters used for custody transfer and allocation metering, such as full-bore, reduced-area, high-pressure, and low-pressure meters or any combination of these. There are no limits on the minimum or maximum sizes of the meter. This document can be applied to the measurement of almost any type of gas, such as air, natural gas, and ethane.

Included are flow measurement performance requirements for meters of two accuracy classes suitable for applications such as custody transfer and allocation measurement.

This document specifies construction, performance, calibration, diagnostics for meter verification, and output characteristics of ultrasonic meters for gas flow measurement and deals with installation conditions.


It is possible that national or other regulations apply which can be more stringent than those in this document.

Pipes, Volume flowmeters, Ultrasonics, Errors, Gas-supply meters, Flow measurement, Natural gas, Gases, Air, Conduits (hydraulic), Measurement characteristics, Ultrasonic devices, Flow, Flowmeters, Gas flow
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