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BS EN 301:2017 - TC

BS EN 301:2017 - TC

Tracked Changes. Adhesives, phenolic and aminoplastic, for load-bearing timber structures. Classification and performance requirements

2020-02-25 /Under Review
This European Standard establishes a classification for phenolic and aminoplastic polycondensation adhesives according to their suitability for use for load-bearing timber structures in defined climatic exposure conditions, and specifies performance requirements for such adhesives for the factory manufacture or factory-like manufacturing conditions of load-bearing timber structures only. This European Standard only specifies the performance of an adhesive for use in an environment corresponding to the defined conditions. The performance requirements of this European Standard apply to the adhesive only, not to the timber structure. This European Standard does not cover the performance of adhesives for on-site gluing (except for factory-like conditions) nor the production of wood-based panels, except solid wood panels, or modified and stabilized wood with considerably reduced swelling and shrinkage properties, e.g. such as acetylated wood, heat treated wood and polymer impregnated wood. This European Standard is primarily intended for the use of adhesive manufacturers and for the use in timber structures bonded with adhesives, to assess or control the quality of adhesives. The requirements apply to the type testing of the adhesives. Production control activities are outside the scope of this European Standard. Adhesives meeting the requirements of this European Standard are adequate for use in a load-bearing timber structure, provided that the bonding process has been carried out according to an appropriate product standard.
Durability, Environment (working), Tensile strength, Condensation polymers, Structural timber, Polymers, Shear strength, Performance, Thermosetting polymers, Adhesives, Grades (quality), Construction materials, Aminoplasts, Classification systems, Wood, Phenolic resins, Plastics
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