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20/30407227 DC

20/30407227 DC

BS EN ISO 10101-3. Natural gas. Determination of water by the Karl Fischer method. Part 3. Coulometric procedure

2020-11-13 /Definitive
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ISO/DIS 10101-3


This part of ISO 10101 specifies a coulometric procedure for the determination of water content by the Karl Fischer method. The method applies to natural gas and other gases which do not react with Karl Fischer (KF) reagents.

It applies to water concentrations between 5 mg/m3 and 5 000 mg/m3. Volumes are expressed at temperature of 273,15 K (0°C) and a pressure of 101,325 kPa (1 atm).

WARNING — Local safety regulations are to be taken into account, when the equipment is located in hazardous areas.

Reproducibility, Gas analysis, Determination of content, Fuels, Fossil fuels, Reports, Test equipment, Gaseous fuels, Karl Fischer method, Water content determination, Natural gas, Coulometric methods, Chemical analysis and testing, Gases, Mathematical calculations
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