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20/30381921 DC

20/30381921 DC

BS ISO 18947-2. Imaging materials and prints. Abrasion resistance. Part 2. Rub testing of photographic prints

2020-04-13 /Definitive
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ISO/DIS 18947-2


This document specifies tests to determine the abrasion resistance of photographic images for typical use in indoor context that is characterized by mild abrasive conditions. Examples are flipping of pages in an album, carefully manual handling of prints (stacking, shifting) or use of magnets for attachment to a board. Photographic images refer to individual prints or prints in albums, which can be produced by a wide range of printing technologies, including silver halide, electrophotography, inkjet, dye diffusion thermal transfer, commonly known as dye sublimation, and dye transfer processes. Photographic images require “photo-grade” media, including coated or surface treated papers, which are prerequisite to obtain photographic quality with aforementioned printing technologies. Test procedures are limited to (quasi) linear, reciprocal abrasion test devices.

For other printing technologies (e.g. offset lithography and other photomechanical printing processes) or non-photo-grade media or other levels of rubbing representative of other application profiles, different test methods and/or device options may be considered (see ISO 18947-1).

Heavy duty abrasive conditions, such as floor tiles, floor graphics, abrasive cleaning and vehicle graphics, are out of scope of this document.

Colour photography, Photographic images, Photographic materials, Wear resistance, Photography, Photographic paper, Abrasion, Prints, Monochrome photography
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