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PAS 1000:2019

PAS 1000:2019

Business agility. Concept and framework. Guide

2019-01-31 /Definitive

This PAS gives guidance on concept, and provides frameworks with guidelines for implementing business agility in an organization. The increasing pace and complexity of markets coupled with new technologies means that companies and organizations need to develop very different ways of preparing and responding to disruption and opportunities, as they arise. In order to flourish in an increasingly chaotic and unpredictable environment, organizations need to develop new ways of understanding their agile capabilities, agile culture and probable future. This PAS proposes frameworks to aid in the understanding of business agility, and help in the development of new approaches to building business agility. It does this in as generic way as possible. The development of detailed action plans and programmes is specific to each organization.

This PAS covers how the organization:

  1. identifies business agility challenges;

  2. identifies key industry and market drivers;

  3. assesses probable future trends, changes and uncertainties;

  4. aligns strategies with future mega and micro trends;

  5. identifies dynamic and agile capabilities;

  6. identifies cultural barriers to agility;

  7. reinforces agile human and other resources (dynamic capabilities); and

  8. enhances an agile culture.

This PAS addresses major business aspects from an agility perspective. As such, it recommends that an organization review its strategic and operational levels; the PAS provides frameworks for practically boosting agility across both levels.

This PAS will be beneficial to, and can potentially be adopted by, various industries in the public and the private sectors, especially those where there is hyper-competition, such as the smartphone, banking, food retail, automobile, utilities, and appliances industries, and private and government oriented services.

This PAS would also be useful to non-profit organizations, universities, and some government entities who need to handle regulatory responsibilities, such as foreign affairs and legal cases. In general, this PAS is for use by any organization wishing to improve its business agility. It is of particular interest to organizations facing rapid changes which are likely to impact adversely on performance. It does not cover tactical organizational issues.

Enterprises, Companies, Industries, Organizations, Business companies
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