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20/30373031 DC

20/30373031 DC

BS ISO 16573-2. Steel. Measurement method for the evaluation of hydrogen embrittlement resistance of high strength steels. Part 2. Slow stain rate test

2020-04-07 /Definitive
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ISO/DIS 16573-2


This international standard method provides the evaluation method of the resistance to hydrogen embrittlement (i.e., hydrogen delayed fracture) using slow strain rate test with hydrogen pre-charged specimens. The amount of hydrogen absorbed in the specimens will be analysed quantitatively by thermal desorption analysis such as gas chromatography, mass spectrometry and so on. Hydrogen pre-charging methods are same as ISO 16573-1. This method addresses slow strain rate test to determine the susceptibility of hydrogen embrittlement of high strength steel, and is mainly applicable for the ferritic base steels. Testing methods for either smooth or notched specimens are also included.

Thermal analysis, Gas chromatography, Hydrogen, Corrosion resistance, High-tensile steels, Test methods, Fracture toughness, Embrittlement
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