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BS ISO 22946:2020

BS ISO 22946:2020

Nuclear criticality safety. Solid waste excluding irradiated and non-irradiated nuclear fuel

2020-01-22 /Definitive
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ISO 22946


This document provides specific requirements and guidance on the nuclear criticality safety of waste containing fissile nuclides, generated during normal operations. This document is intended to be used along-side and in addition to ISO 1709.

This document applies specifically to the nuclear criticality safety of solid nuclear wastes. It also applies to residual quantities of liquids and/or slurries which are either intimately associated with the solid nuclear waste materials or arise as a result of processing or handling the waste.

This document does not apply to bulk or process liquids (including higher concentration process solutions) or irradiated or un-irradiated fuel elements.


The term fuel element is sometimes applied to fuel assembly, fuel bundle, fuel cluster, fuel rod, fuel plate, etc. All these terms are based on one or more fuel elements. A cylindrical fuel rod (sometimes referred to as a fuel pin) for a light-water-reactor is an example of a fuel element.

All stages of the waste life cycle are within the scope of the document. This document can also be applied to the transport of solid nuclear waste outside the boundaries of nuclear establishments.

Power station waste aggregates, Waste treatment, Disposal (waste), Wastes, Nuclear accident prevention, Nuclear fuel processing, Nuclear energy, Nuclear safety, Criticality (nuclear reactions), Energy sources
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