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BS EN IEC 62746-10-3:2018

BS EN IEC 62746-10-3:2018

Systems interface between customer energy management system and the power management system. Open automated demand response. Adapting smart grid user interfaces to the IEC common information model

2018-11-13 /Definitive
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EN IEC 62746-10-3:2018

IEC 62746-10-3:2018

IEC 62746-10-3:2018 defines and describes methods and example XML artefacts that can be used to build a conformant adapter to enable interoperation between a utility distributed automation or demand response (DR) system based on the IEC common information model (CIM) and a utility smart grid user interface (SGUI) bridge standard (e.g., IEC 62746-10-1) to a customer facility. The scope is restricted to a method to define payload mappings between any specific CIM profile that contains DR/DER information models and the SGUI bridge standards including IEC 62746-10-1.
Information, Grids, Management, Customers, Interfaces

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