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BS EN ISO 21968:2019

BS EN ISO 21968:2019

Non-magnetic metallic coatings on metallic and non- metallic basis materials. Measurement of coating thickness. Phase-sensitive eddy-current method

2019-10-28 /Definitive
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EN ISO 21968

ISO 21968

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Reemplaza a: BS EN ISO 21968:2005


This document specifies a method for using phase-sensitive eddy-current instruments for non-destructive measurements of the thickness of non-magnetic metallic coatings on metallic and non-metallic basis materials such as:

  1. zinc, cadmium, copper, tin or chromium on steel;

  2. copper or silver on composite materials.

The phase-sensitive method can be applied without thickness errors to smaller surface areas and to stronger surface curvatures than the amplitude-sensitive eddy-current method specified in ISO 2360, and is less affected by the magnetic properties of the basis material. However, the phase-sensitive method is more affected by the electrical properties of the coating materials.

In this document, the term â??coatingâ?? is used for materials such as, for example, paints and varnishes, electroplated coatings, enamel coatings, plastic coatings, claddings and powder coatings.

This method is particularly applicable to measurements of the thickness of metallic coatings. These coatings can be non-magnetic metallic coatings on non-conductive, conductive or magnetic base materials, but also magnetic coatings on non-conductive or conductive base materials.

The measurement of metallic coatings on metallic basis material works only when the product of conductivity and permeability (Ï?, μ) of one of the materials is at least a factor of two times the product of conductivity and permeability for the other material. Non-ferromagnetic materials have a relative permeability of one.

Measurement, Magnetic measurement, Eddy-current braking, Non-magnetic alloys, Coatings technology
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