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BS EN 62351-7:2017

BS EN 62351-7:2017

Power systems management and associated information exchange. Data and communications security. Network and System Management (NSM) data object models

2018-01-15 /Under Review
Equivalencias internacionales:

EN 60335-2-90:2002/A1:2003/corrigendum Nov. 2003

EN 60335-2-90:2006/A1:2010

EN 62351-7:2017

IEC 62351-7:2017

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Reemplaza a: DD IEC/TS 62351-7:2010

IEC 62351-7:2017 defines network and system management (NSM) data object models that are specific to power system operations. These NSM data objects will be used to monitor the health of networks and systems, to detect possible security intrusions, and to manage the performance and reliability of the information infrastructure. The goal is to define a set of abstract objects that will allow the remote monitoring of the health and condition of IEDs (Intelligent Electronic Devices), RTUs (Remote Terminal Units), DERs (Distributed Energy Resources) systems and other systems that are important to power system operations. This new edition constitutes a technical revision and includes the following significant technical changes with respect to IEC TS 62351-7 (2010): NSM object data model reviewed and enriched; UML model adopted for NSM objects description; SNMP protocol MIBs translation included as Code Components.
The Code Components included in this IEC standard are also available as electronic machine
readable file at:
Internet, Electric power distribution, Data transmission, Information exchange, Telecommunication, Cryptography, Computer networks, Data security, Electric power systems, Remote control systems, Transport layer (OSI), Telemetry, Communication networks
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