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BS EN 16795:2015

BS EN 16795:2015

Plastics. Method for estimating heat build up of flat surfaces by simulated solar radiation

2015-12-31 /Definitive
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EN 16795:2015

This European Standard specifies a method for estimating the temperature increase of a flat polymer surface, due to its solar radiant energy absorption, compared to the ambient temperature. For that purpose, a specimen and black and white reference plates are exposed to simulated solar radiation under specified conditions (simulated solar radiation, ambient air temperature, convective flow). For opaque specimens, a thermally sensitive electrical element at the backside or a pyrometer is used to measure the surface temperature. For translucent specimens, a pyrometer is used to measure surface temperature. NOTE Some specific polymeric materials are translucent (transparent) and might have a transmittance window in a wavelength range where the used pyrometer is sensitive (e.g. polyethylene). The surface temperature of these materials cannot be measured with the contact and the contactless method.
Humidity, Temperature, Accelerated testing, Colorimetric characteristics, Polymers, Electromagnetic radiation, Artificial ageing tests, Weathering, Light, Wavelengths, Reports, Illuminance, Precision, Optical properties of materials, Storage, Test specimens, Plastics and rubber technology, Environmental testing, Artificial weathering tests, Ultraviolet radiation, Laboratory testing, Plastics, Irradiation, Specimen preparation
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