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PD CLC/TS 50568-8:2015

PD CLC/TS 50568-8:2015

Electricity metering data exchange. The DLMS/COSEM suite. SMITP B-PSK PLC communication profile for neighbourhood networks. Including: The Original-SMITP PLC BPSK communication profile, The Original-SMITP Local data exchange profile and The Original-SMITP IP communication profile

2015-05-31 /Definitive
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CLC/TS 50568-8:2015

This Technical Specification contains 4 profile specifications: • the DLMS/COSEM SMITP B-PSK PLC Profile (clause 4) • the Original-SMITP B-PSK PLC Profile (clause 5) • the Original-SMITP IP Profile (clause 6) • the Original-SMITP Local data exchange profile (clause 7) The DLMS/COSEM SMITP B-PSK profile defines the use of the CLC/FprTS 50568-4 communication protocol and methods to access and exchange data modelled by the COSEM objects of EN 62056 6 2 via the EN 62056-5-3 application layer. This section forms part of the DLMS/COSEM suite as described in FprEN 62056-1-0. NOTE In the following, the expression Original-SMITP refers to the open protocol originally developed and maintained by the Meters and More Open Technologies association (see Foreword). The Original-SMITP Profiles define the access and exchange of data modelled by the Original-SMITP data model (clause 9) using the Original-SMITP application services (Clause 8). The “Original-SMITP” specifications refer to smart metering system specifications defined prior to the availability of the DLMS/COSEM SMITP B-PSK PLC Profile. The “ Original-SMITP” specifications do not form part of the DLMS/COSEM suite of EN 62056.
Power control (electric), Interfaces (data processing), Meters, Signal transmission, Twisted pair cables, Bus networks, Electricity supply meters, Data transfer, Local area networks, Electrical equipment, Communication technology, Open systems interconnection, Information exchange, Signals, Data handling
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