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BS EN 62541-5:2015

BS EN 62541-5:2015

OPC unified architecture. Information Model

Fecha Anulación:
2021-04-01 /Withdrawn
Equivalencias internacionales:

EN 62541-5:2015

IEC 62541-5:2015

Relación con otras normas BSI:

Reemplaza a: BS EN 62541-5:2011

Reemplaza a: BS EN 60384-17-1:2005

Reemplazada por: BS EN IEC 62541-5:2020

IEC 62541-5.2015 defines the Information Model of the OPC Unified Architecture. The Information Model describes standardised Nodes of a Server's AddressSpace. These Nodes are standardised types as well as standardised instances used for diagnostics or as entry points to server-specific Nodes. This second edition cancels and replaces the first edition published in 2011 and constitutes a technical revision. This edition includes the following changes:
- Defined ProgressEventType;
- Defined DataType called BitFieldMaskDataType;
- Delete Property SamplingRateCount in ServerDiagnosticSummaryDataType;
- Added the Property "EffectiveTransitionTime" to TransitionVariableType;
- Introduced VariableType OptionSetType;
- Added a new EventType called SystemStatusChangeEventType;
- Added properties to ServerCapabilitiesType. Added an object for operation limits. Added type OperationLimitsType containing that information;
- Added SecureChannelId to AuditActivateSessionEventType;
- Added normative Annex C defining FileType and Methods;
- Added a Method GetMonitoredItems on ServerType;
- Removed the concept of ModelParent. Added meta data for namespaces in ServerType and created types for managing that. Added representations for ModellingRules OptionalPlaceholder and MandatoryPlaceholder;
- Added new types NonTransparentNetworkRedundancyType, NetworkGroupDataType and EndpointUrlListDataType.
Technology transfer, Objects (programming language), Information marks, Data sorting, Unified modelling language, Information operations, Data representation, Data organization, Computer software, Interfaces (data processing), Digital computers, Control technology, Information exchange, Computer technology, Data transmission, Data processing
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