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BS EN 45544-1:2015

BS EN 45544-1:2015

Workplace atmospheres. Electrical apparatus used for the direct detection and direct concentration measurement of toxic gases and vapours. General requirements and test methods

2015-02-28 /Definitive
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EN 45544-1:2015

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Reemplaza a: BS EN 45544-1:2000


This European Standard specifies general requirements and test methods for the determination of the performance characteristics of personal, portable, transportable and fixed, continuous duty electrical apparatus used for the direct detection and direct concentration measurement of toxic gases and vapours in workplace atmospheres.

This European Standard is applicable to apparatus whose primary purpose is to provide an indication, alarm and/or other output function to give a warning of the presence of a toxic gas or vapour in the atmosphere and, in some cases, to initiate automatic or manual protective actions. It is applicable to apparatus in which the sensor automatically generates an electrical signal when gas is present.

This European Standard is not applicable to apparatus:

  • used for the measurement of oxygen;

  • used only in laboratories for analysis or measurement;

  • used only for process measurement purposes;

  • used in car parks or tunnels;

  • used in the domestic environment;

  • used in environmental air pollution monitoring;

  • used for the measurement of combustible gases and vapours related to the risk of explosion.

It also does not apply to open-path (line of sight) area monitors.

For apparatus used for sensing the presence of multiple gases this standard applies only to the detection of toxic gas or vapour.

Velocity, Test equipment, Pressure testing, Mechanical testing, Drop tests, Alarm systems, Industrial air pollutants, Toxic gases, Signals, Transportable, Environmental testing, Gases, Damp-air tests, Calibration, Thermal testing, Environment (working), Dangerous materials, Occupational safety, Warning devices, Performance, Electrical equipment, Gas analyzers, Performance testing, Signal devices, Vapours, Testing conditions, Gas detectors, Fixed, Marking, Air, Chemical analysis and testing, Instructions for use, Vibration testing, Portable, Electrical testing
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