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BS EN 61000-4-19:2014

BS EN 61000-4-19:2014

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Testing and measurement techniques. Test for immunity to conducted, differential mode disturbances and signalling in the frequency range 2 kHz to 150 kHz at a.c. power ports

2014-09-30 /Under Review
Equivalencias internacionales:

EN 61000-4-19:2014

IEC 61000-4-19:2014


This part of IEC 61000 relates to the immunity requirements and test methods for electrical and electronic equipment to conducted, differential mode disturbances and signalling in the range 2 kHz up to 150 kHz at a.c. power ports.

The object of this standard is to establish a common and reproducible basis for testing electrical and electronic equipment with the application of differential mode disturbances and signalling to a.c. power ports. This standard defines:

  • test waveforms;

  • range of test levels;

  • test equipment;

  • test setup;

  • test procedures;

  • verification procedures.

These tests are intended to demonstrate the immunity of electrical and electronic equipment operating at a mains supply voltage up to 280 V (from phase to neutral or phase to earth, if no neutral is used) and a frequency of 50 Hz or 60 Hz when subjected to conducted, differential mode disturbances such as those originating from power electronics and power line communication systems (PLC).


In some countries, the maximum voltage can be as much as 350 V from phase to neutral.

The immunity to harmonics and interharmonics, including mains signalling, on a.c. power ports up to 2 kHz in differential mode is covered by IEC 61000-4-13 .

Emissions in the frequency range 2 kHz to 150 kHz often have both differential mode and common mode components. This standard provides immunity tests only for differential mode disturbances and signalling. It is recommended to perform common mode tests as well, which are covered by IEC 61000-4-16 .

Measurement, Calibration, Frequencies, Test equipment, Electromagnetic compatibility, Low frequencies
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