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BS EN 62295:2009

BS EN 62295:2009

Multimedia systems. Common communication protocol for inter-connectivity on heterogeneous networks

2011-07-31 /Definitive
Equivalencias internacionales:

EN 62295:2009

IEC 61982-4:2015

IEC 62295:2007

IEC 62295:2007 specifies the common communication protocol (CCP) layer that is capable of providing interoperability and interconnectivity between heterogeneous network technologies, as well as the basic data transmission scheme between devices linked to heterogeneous networks through the CCP layer. The standard also specifies the packet structure in the CCP layer and the common addressing scheme that can be understood among heterogeneous devices. Furthermore, there are specifications regarding protocols capable of providing diverse home network applications through the CCP layer such as:
- the home network management protocol (HNMP),
- universal home control protocol (UHCP),
- home multimedia service protocol (HMSP) and
- home data service protocol (HDSP). This bilingual version (2012-08) corresponds to the monolingual English version, published in 2007-11.
Data transfer, Multimedia, Heterogeneity, Information exchange, Computer networks, Data processing, Communication networks, Computer applications, Packets (data transmission), Interfaces (data processing), Data transmission
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