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BS EN 61800-2:2015

BS EN 61800-2:2015

Adjustable speed electrical power drive systems. General requirements. Rating specifications for low voltage adjustable speed a.c. power drive systems

2015-10-31 /Revision Underway
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EN 61800-2:2015

IEC 61800-2:2015

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Reemplaza a: BS EN 61800-2:1998


This part of IEC 61800 applies to adjustable speed electric a.c. power drive systems, which include semiconductor power conversion and the means for their control, protection, monitoring, measurement and the a.c. motors.

It applies to adjustable speed electric power drive systems intended to feed a.c. motors from a BDM connected to line-to-line voltages up to and including 1 kV a.c. 50 Hz or 60 Hz and/or voltages up to and including 1,5 kV d.c. input side.


Adjustable speed electric a.c. power drive systems intended to feed a.c. motors, and with rated converter input voltages above 1 000 V a.c. are covered by IEC 61800-4 .


Adjustable speed electric d.c. power drive systems intended to feed d.c. motors are covered by IEC 61800-1 .


For adjustable speed electric a.c. power drive systems having series-connected electronic power converter sections, the line-to-line voltage is the sum of the series connected input voltages.

Traction applications and electric vehicles are excluded from the scope of this standard.

This part of IEC 61800 is intended to define the following aspects of an a.c. power drive system ( PDS):

  • principal parts of the PDS;

  • ratings and performance;

  • specifications for the environment in which the PDS is intended to be installed and operated;

  • other specifications which might be applicable when specifying a complete PDS.

This standard provides minimum requirements, which may be used for the development of a specification between customer and manufacturer.

Compliance with this standard is possible only when each topic of this standard is individually specified by the customer developing specifications or by product standard committees developing product standards.

For some aspects which are covered by specific PDS product standards in the IEC 61800 Series, this document provides a short introduction and reference to detailed requirements in these product standards.

This applies to the following aspects:

  • EMC which is covered in IEC 61800-3 ;

  • electrical safety which is covered in IEC 61800-5-1 ;

  • functional safety which is covered in IEC 61800-5-2 ;

  • type of load duty which are covered by IEC TR 61800-6 ;

  • communication profiles which are covered by IEC 61800-7 Series;

  • power interface voltage specification which is covered by IEC TS 61800-8 .

Rated voltage, Electric power systems, Selection, Power transmission systems, Marking, Harmonics, Consumer-supplier relations, Response time, Overload (electric), Protected electrical equipment, Control samples, Control systems, Control equipment, Standard deviation, Safety devices, Voltage, Alternating current, Transportation, Electric control equipment, Electrical braking, Wave properties and phenomena, Storage, Ratings, Performance testing, Electrical protection equipment, Installation, Transformers, Classification systems, Electric load, Dynamic testing, Torque, Cooling equipment, Transient voltages, Efficiency, Labels, Life (durability), Topology, Electric reactors, Electrical testing, Mechanical shock, Adjustment, Alarm systems, Electric motors, Electric convertors, Power losses, Waveforms, Instructions for use, Vibration, Switchgear, Earthing, Climate, Approval testing, Velocity, Rated current, Safety measures, Testing conditions, Performance, Electrical transmission systems, Electrical faults, Accuracy, Noise (environmental), Electrical equipment, Low-voltage equipment, Frequencies, Alternating-current motors, Torsional strength, Environment (working)
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